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Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin Episode #11 Anime Review

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Rio has a fairly fun episode here that was a lot more enjoyable in the first half than the second half

Rio and the girls, Reservoir Dog style!

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There’s something to be said about a group of lucky ladies heading into a casino, all dolled up and looking great, scoring huge wins very easily and doing it with style. Having the sizable group of women that the series has brought together so far coming to Cartia’s resort and casino and working through the floor with their various games of choice is a fun opening moment, especially after the show has been so focused on darker and more emotional issues for the last few episodes. Having them riding through the casino on a cart filled with buckets and buckets of money is certainly humorous and reminds you of the charm of the characters and the show itself from early on. With their intent on taking the winnings and buying back pieces of what was lost, they’re making some good progress here and enjoying every minute of it.

Not everything is fun and games though as Mint’s stuffed teddy bear has gone missing and that’s put her into quite a crying fit. While everyone goes off searching to help her out, a challenge is thrown into the mix when a pair of young girls, Yang-Yang and An-An, challenge Rio on the floor of the casino for Cartia. With Rio and her friends having won about 15% of the money so far, Cartia makes her the offer that if Rio wins against them, she’ll double their winnings. But if Rio loses, they’ll lose the 15% they’ve gotten so far and will get the boot out. Rio is more focused on finding Mint’s teddy bear, but even Mint agrees that pursuing this challenge is a better idea since it could help their overall goal much more quickly.

The challenge turns out to be a human scale game of memory on a rink, though it’s more about chance than memory as each time the game switches to the other team, the cards are shuffled so finding matches isn’t all that easy. With the girls all dolled up in really great outfits, running around the rink, and dealing with it has a good sense of style about it. At least until they get transformed into their gameplay outfits which are just cringe-inducing in showing off skin. It’s almost comical but not quite. The match is fairly straightforward and has a good sense of fun about it as it plays out and it’s really good to see Rio and Mint working together, even though I typically dislike kid characters in these kinds of shows since they seem out of place. The only less than interesting part of the episode is that of Yang-Yang and An-An as the two really don’t get a chance to express themselves and they’re little more than props at best.

In Summary:
Rio has a fairly fun episode here that was a lot more enjoyable in the first half than the second half, if only because the girls were just so giddy as they worked their way through the casinos. The lightness of it all was a welcome change from the darker and more story-driven elements of the show recently, something I still don’t think it really needed, so spending time with silly material and some simple games of luck and chance were good to see. Of course, they did it in style with all of them well decked out and the show took it a few steps further with the costumes the girls all get to wear for the challenge that’s issued here. That part felt weaker overall, but it all serves to get us to the ending where it’s made clear exactly what kind of challenge Rio herself is about to lay down for Rina and Cartia.

Originally Streamed By: Funimation

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