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BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!☆PICO~OHMORI~ Episode #03 Anime Review

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Lisa looks adorable in anything.
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“Lisa Couture”

What They Say:
LIVE HOUSE “CiRCLE”, the hidden holy ground of band girls. Upon this stage, the chibi characters of BanG Dream! unite once again! Poppin’Party, Afterglow, Pastel*Palettes, Roselia, and Hello, Happy World! Join the familiar band members as they face the many dangers confronting CiRCLE once more!

… Or maybe not!

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The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Lisa arrives late to band rehearsal. It was pouring outside and now she’s all wet! Rinko spots Marina’s tracksuit and suggests she change into that. Ako doesn’t think a tracksuit would suit her though. Well, you know what, Ako? You were wrong! She looks lovely in a tracksuit! All of the Roselia members agree. Ako gets excited and asks Lisa to try out her outfit next. She hesitates at first but everyone eggs her on. Okay, I guess it’s time for a Lisa fashion show! She tries on Ako’s outfit and everyone thinks she looks adorable! She tries on a costume Rinko made next. Naturally, she also looks cute in that! Heck, she even tries on Sayo’s uniform and totally rocks it.

It’s very clear that Lisa looks good in anything. But they have to make sure! More clothes! Yukina has Lisa try on a cat outfit and she looks absolutely stunning. By the way, Yukina has the most adorable face after witnessing her wearing the cat outfit. Yukina, your cat obsession is showing again! The girls have Lisa try on more outfits and she looks good in all of them. Hilariously, some of those outfits were from the first season. I thought that was a nice little touch. Lisa is getting tired. So many outfits! She needs a break. That’s too bad because Yukina is starting to have fun with this! The girls have Lisa try on one more bizarre outfit. The verdict? She still looks cute! She looks cute in everything.

In Summary:
Lisa looks adorable in anything. That pretty much sums up the whole episode. And you know what? I agree. Once again, there were no deaths. Well, except for Lisa’s sanity. At least she looked adorable while losing it!

Grade: B+

Streamed By: BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Official YouTube channel

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