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New Manga This Week

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Check out the newest manga being released today!

The month of May continues on and the lighter release slate is one that means it’s worth checking out some things that you may have passed over. We’ll always be recommending Urusei Yatsura and a new volume of that is delightful. This week sees the release of the first volume of Ping Pong as well as more Pleasure and Corruption.

  1. A Certain Scientific Railgun Astral Buddy Manga Volume 3
  2. Beastars Manga Volume 6
  3. Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji Manga Volume 2
  4. Hells Paradise Jigokuraku Manga Volume 2
  5. Inside Mari Manga Volume 7
  6. Levius est Manga Volume 4
  7. New Game Manga Volume 9
  8. No Guns Life Manga Volume 5
  9. Otherworldly Izakaya Nobu Manga Volume 7
  10. Ping Pong Manga Volume 1
  11. Pleasure and Corruption Manga Volume 2
  12. Ran and the Gray World Manga Volume 7
  13. Saki the Succubus Hungers Tonight Manga Volume 2
  14. Satoko And Nada Manga Volume 3
  15. The Kingdom of the Gods Manga
  16. The Reprise of the Spear Hero Manga Volume 2
  17. The Way of the Househusband Manga Volume 3
  18. Urusei Yatsura Manga Volume 6
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