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Disney+ Sets June 2020 Arrival Slate

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Lots of original programming being added with new episodes plus a few other new things.

June is coming up soon and the folks at Disney+ have laid out what new properties will be coming onto the service during the course of the month. They’re still a pretty small service overall and a lot of properties are still held by others, so there’s plenty of things that will be coming “home” to it for some time to come. This month sees the arrival of more of the Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian episode that have been pretty fascinating. We also get the season finale for Be Our Chef. There are a lot of kids shows and films making their way on – including the debut of Artemis Fowl, and you can see the full list here:

Friday, June 5
Alaska’s Grizzly Gauntlet (Season 1)
America’s Greatest Animals 
Chasing the Equinox 
Howie Mandel’s Animals Doing Things (Seasons 1–2)
Secrets of Wild India (Season 1)
The Greeks (Season 1)
Weird but True! (Seasons 1–2)
Wild Hawaii (Season 1)
Women of Impact: Changing the World
Be Our Chef (Episode 111—“The Spectacular”) (Season Finale)
Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian (Episode 106—“Visualization”)
Disney Family Sundays (Episode 131—“101 Dalmatians: Onesie”)
One Day at Disney (Episode 127—“George Montano: Plasterer”)
It’s A Dog’s Life with Bill Farmer (Episode 104—“Disaster Rescue Dogs & A Dog Mayor”)
Disney Insider (Episode 106: “Artemis Adventure, Taste of Disney, Runaway Railway”)

Friday, June 12
Mighty Med (Seasons 1–2)
The Liberty Story
The Story of the Animated Drawing
Walt & El Grupo
Artemis Fowl (Premiere)
Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian (Episode 107—“Score”)
Disney Family Sundays (Episode 132—“Winnie the Pooh: Bag Toss”)
One Day at Disney (Episode 128—“Scot Drake: Imagineering Creative”)
It’s A Dog’s Life with Bill Farmer (Episode 105—“The Surfing Corgi & Bee Dogs”)

Friday, June 19
101 Dalmatians (1997) (Season 1)
Big Sur: Wild California
Muppet Babies Play Date (Season 1)
Schoolhouse Rock (Season 1)
Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy
Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian (Episode 108—“Connections”) (Finale)
Disney Family Sundays (Episode 133—“Monsters, Inc. Water Bottles”)
One Day at Disney (Episode 129—“Candice Valdez: Radio Disney Host”)
It’s A Dog’s Life with Bill Farmer (Episode 106—“Stunt Dogs & Water Rescue Dogs”)

Friday, June 26
Man in Space
Mars and Beyond
Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief
Raven’s Home (Season 3)
Tarzan II
Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2 (Series Premiere)
Disney Family Sundays (Episode 134—“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”)
One Day at Disney (Episode 130—“Marc Smith: Story Artist”)
It’s A Dog’s Life with Bill Farmer (Episode 107—“Detective Dogs & Truffle Hunting Dogs”)

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