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Wave, Listen to Me Episode #07 Anime Review

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Oki has been the show unluckiest character and you just can't help to pity him.

What They Say:
I Want To Cry

Minare and Mizuho arrive at Oki’s place where he reveals his past with Ritsuko, his missing girlfriend. When Minare goes up in the attic to figure out the source of the dark liquid that drips from the ceiling, she finds bags of suspicious meat.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Minare and Mizuho are continuing their investigation/exorcism of Oki’s apartment. There is blood everywhere and it comes from the ceiling. Minare and Mizuho are led to believe that the blood is related to the disappearance of Oki’s girlfriend, Ritsuko. Oki explains how he meets Ritsuko. Oki confesses his feelings to Ritsuko and they take a trip to a hot spring. They both get naked at the hot springs but Oki passes out because of the gas. Oki gets saved by people who lived nearby but Ritsuko has disappeared without a word. Poor Oki can’t even enjoy time with his naked girlfriend.  

Minare goes into Oki’s ceiling to investigate the cause of the blood. She sees six bags and assumes that its a young woman’s body. She calls the cops and Oki is taken away muttering that he didn’t kill anyone. Minare acts all high and mighty because she solved this case. She has such a great running imagination and comes with a bunch of scenarios for why Oki would kill Ritsuko. One scenario involves Ritsuko to be a Russian intelligence agent. This leads to Oki killing Ritsuko by bashing a rock against her head.    

It turns out there was no real case. Everything was Minare’s fault. This episode has gone back to being about the failure that is Minare’s life. Minare used to live above Oki’s apartment. She had hidden some meat in a storage unit and forgotten about it. This unit had broke and fell to Oki’s ceiling and had gotten rotten and was spreading down. Oki has been hit by countless hurricanes because of Minare. All he ever has done is want to help her or ask for her help and she calls the cops on him because of mistaken assumptions. Being next to Minare is the perfect recipe for disaster.  

This is the first time that Minare has seriously felt the consequences of her actions and it was exceptional. The cat got her tongue and Minare was unusually silent. She wasn’t able to bring her usual spunk to her radio program. Her first official program was a complete disaster. She was only doing it to so that Oki wouldn’t press charges. Even Mizuho was on the opposite side and disagreed with her. 

In Summary:
I found this episode to be highly amusing. It was setting up Minare for greatness but it took that all away in a flash. Minara has been a walking disaster but this episode went to new highs. She is constantly screwing up other people’s lives and her own as well.  Last week’s cliffhanger didn’t have a great impact and it would have been better if it was just part of this episode to have a better flow. Oki has been the show unluckiest character and you just can’t help to pity him. He lost his girlfriend for some mysterious reason, has had the cops called on him twice, and his apartment has been ruined by rotten meat. 

Grade: A

Streamed by: Funimation

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