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Story of Seasons: Friendships of Mineral Town gets July 14th launch

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XEED Launches newest Story of Seasons this July.

If you are into life simulator and Animal Crossing isn’t enough, XSEED will give more to play. XSEED Games announced Story of Seasons: Friendships of Mineral Town for a July 14th launch. The game is a remake of the Story of Seasons game that came out on the Game Boy Advance in 2003. Friendship of Mineral Town will expand on this remake by updating the graphics and making additional gameplay tweaks to improve quality of life for gamers.

XSEED describes the game as the following:
“Summoned by Mayor Thomas to visit the farm once owned by their late grandfather, a young city-slicker returns to Mineral Town to find the once lush farmland has fallen into disrepair. Memories of idyllic summers spent in Mineral Town come rushing back and they immediately pick up their tools, vowing to restore the fields to their former glory. In their new hometown, they’ll tend the land and become part of the bustling rural community. Along the way to becoming a world class farmer, they’ll befriend townsfolk and, perhaps, even find romance.”

For gamers who pre-order the game they will get a special bonus. For those who pre-ordered a digital version from the Nintendo eShop they will get the Cow Costume DLC. For those who get the physical version, they get a free keychain plushy of Strawberry Hanako. However, you can only order the plushy for the physical version on the XEED store, or on select retailers.

To get people excited about this remake, XEED has shown off this gameplay video:


Story of Seasons: Friendships of Mineral Town comes out on July 14th for the Nintendo Switch.

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