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Gal & Dino Episode #07 Anime Review

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Once again, Dino came up with the strangest ideas.
© Kodansha, Kamikaze Douga / Space Neko Company

“I’m Worried About You” and “Guy Talk”

What They Say:
After a night of drinking, Kaede wakes up realizing that in her drunken daze she had brought an unexpected guest home—a dinosaur! Kaede just goes with the flow and accepts her new living situation. Now she navigates her daily life while eating, watching TV, and shopping with her prehistoric roommate. Together, the duo enjoys each other’s company as they take on whatever the day brings.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Dino is excited to go out with Kaede! There’s only one problem though…she’s sick! Oh no! Dino thinks she’s dying! Calm down, Dino! She’s just got the cold. Although, if you consider the current state of the world, yeah, I guess I can see why Dino would be scared. Anyway, she’ll be fine. Kaede tells Dino to go have fun. Dino goes to the park and partakes in numerous activities. However, Dino doesn’t smile. It just isn’t the same without Kaede. Dino does hear a beautiful song while at the park. The traveling musician, Naotaro, is trying to make people better with his music. This gives Dino a great idea! Dino brings Naotaro back to the apartment to cheer up Kaede! D’aww. That’s adorable. Kaede finds this a little odd but allows Naotaro to sing one song. Hilariously, he busts out a song with a lot of screaming. This is the opposite of the soothing song we heard at the park! But you know what? Kaede finds this oddly amusing. It’s so funny that it makes her want to laugh and cry at the same time. One month later, Kaede and Dino watch Naotaro on TV! Whoa, he’s famous!? They should have gotten his autograph!

In the first Dino Channel segment, Dino is the one with a cold now! Don’t die, Dino! Dino blows his nose and tosses the tissue at the trashcan. Dino misses. Dino gets up and sneezes! We’re treated to a beautiful shower of Dino snot. The animation of the snot in this scene was amazing. Disgusting, but amazing. Dino’s snot gets all over the blanket! That’s okay though. Dino shoves the blanket underneath the carpet. Problem solved! Kaede will never find out.

Dino is heading out. Kaede informs Dino that Yamada is coming over for hot pot. That sounds awesome but Dino really has to go somewhere. Where’s Dino going? It turns out Dino is meeting up with Shouta to have some guy talk. Shocking truth! Shouta asks Dino if Kaede has been bringing any guys over lately. Dino reveals that a ton of guys stop by all the time! Granted, they’re all just delivering packages. Well, except for Naotaro. That was a special case. Shouta loses his cool and runs off to Kaede’s apartment. Dino senses that this could be catastrophic and chases after him. Kaede and Yamada are having a little bit of girl talk while cooking the hot pot. Yamada bombards Kaede with questions. Why hasn’t she dated anyone since she broke up with Shouta? Is she still into him? Kaede tells her not to worry about it. Everything is chill. Yamada predicts that Shouta will show up at the door any second now. Suddenly, the door pops open! Is it Shouta? Nope, just Dino. However, Shouta shows up behind a few seconds later. Shouta boldly asks Kaede to take him back. Her response? She starts laughing. She can’t believe his perfect timing. Yamada just predicted this happening! That’s funny and all, but Shouta was hoping for a real answer. Kaede proceeds to put up a picture of them on the wall. That’s her answer. So…I guess they’re officially back together again. Yay!?

The second Dino Channel segment was very weird. It was basically Dino rocking back and forth the whole time. He was joined by animals, Kaede, and Shouta in some scenes. It was odd and now I’m dizzy.

The start of the live-action part of the episode resembles the first half. Dino is excited to go out with Kaede but can’t. Kaede throws out her back this time and has to rest. She tells Dino to go have fun alone. Dino walks around for a while but can’t help but think of Kaede. Dino wants to make her feel better. Dino gets a brilliant idea! Dino returns to the apartment with a group of four comedians! This show sure does love bringing in comedians for cameos. The comedians are Minagawa, Onishi Lion, and the Joyman comedy duo. They all perform various skits for Kaede’s amusement. My favorite comedian of the bunch had to be Onishi Lion. His entire bit consisted of singing Lion King songs and it was great. I was a fan. That being said, Kaede found all of this to be strange. But you know what? She also found it amusing. It was so funny that it made her want to laugh and cry at the same time. Hey, that sounds familiar!

Also, there’s a random scene where Dino goes to the laundry mat and does laundry. But…Dino doesn’t wear any clothes. What was Dino washing? It turned out to be a stuffed rabbit. At least I think it was a rabbit. I’m not too sure.

In Summary:
Remember last week when I said Shouta still wasn’t over Kaede? Well, this episode confirmed it. Luckily for him, she took him back! I think? Anyway, the real star of this episode was Dino. Whether it was anime or live-action, Kaede was feeling down and Dino wanted to make her feel better. Once again, Dino came up with the strangest ideas. Then again, what else would you expect from this show? Dino’s heart is in the right place though! Dino just wanted to make Kaede feel better. You can’t hate Dino for that! Dino is a good dinosaur. And lastly, I just want to mention one more time that Onishi Lion singing Lion King songs was fantastic. It certainly cheered me up! What comedians will show up next?

Grade: B-

Streamed By: Funimation

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