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Harley Quinn Season 2 Episode #07 – There’s No Place to Go But Down Review

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The show works a few different things and they’re all pretty amusing in general.
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Every series needs a good jail breakout.

What They Say:
Acting as a judge, Two-Face (ANDY DALY) sentences Harley & Ivy to life in Bane’s prison. Meanwhile, Jim Gordon (CHRIS MELONI) and Batgirl vow to take back the GCPD from Two-Face.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
I’ll admit that I somewhat tuned out of the last episode simply because at this stage, even with the changes that get brought in, origin stories for characters that have been around for decades are tiring. There were some neat hooks and ideas to tweak it for this incarnation to be sure, but there’s a lot more base familiarity than anything else. Especially with it following up a wonderfully subversive episode involving how Batman handles being unable to do anything and having to bring on Batgirl by the end. The episode was fun to be sure but it just leaned on a lot of things that are simply exhausting at this point, particularly her original relationship with the Joker and anything related to the Joker as the character has long lost its allure for a lot of people like myself.

With the way events played out previously, we get Harley and Ivy in New Gotham court over Penguin’s death and Two-Face is the prosecution while Bane “I’ll give you a fair shake” is the judge. Having Man-Bat as the defense attorney isn’t a great thing as he’s only speaking in bat which gives us subtitles but nobody else can actually understand him. It’s simple but comical courtroom animated drama but we get the great moment where Ivy goes all-in with Harley about wanting to take everyone down which is just a lot of fun. It’s exactly the kind of predetermined trial you’d expect and a nice balance to what’s going on elsewhere with Batgirl and Gordon in the sewers looking for the Ratcatcher as he’s been helping to bring weapons into the city. It still continues to amuse me that Meloni voices this character and is just so delightfully over the top with it. I know he did similar in a way with Happy but this is just fun. It’s also amusing to watch Barbara out of costume later doing her best to try and get her dad to stop drinking, but he’s got little interest in that at first.

The prison experience is fun as we see Bane introduce them to “The Pit” where they and a bunch of other criminals now live, though obviously Ivy’s all riled up to get out since she’s got Kite-Man out there. Bane runs what’s pretty much a kind of kindergarten style prison with classes and mental health as he tries to do some sort of reformation of the prisoners without needing to go to Arkham. What becomes really amusing is that Bane is flying in George Lopez for a standup set and Harley intends do a standup set that incites a riot but she gets thrown in solitary first because she didn’t make her bed. That’s exactly how this show works and it’s even more amusing because it puts the onus of standup on Ivy, who really isn’t thrilled by this turn of events. But it takes such an emotional turn in a great way that Ivy again makes it clear that she’s regularly stealing this show over and over.

In Summary:
The show works a few different things and they’re all pretty amusing in general. I rather liked Gordon’s redemption arc here because of just how incredibly self-aware it is and that it could lead to some amusing material between him and his daughter. Harley and Ivy in the pit was a lot of fun since it played to Bane as much as it did but I wish they had roasted more of the villains that were down there. But Bane just delights me with how he’s played in all of this. The court scenes were fun but the Pit is where everything really gets moving and it covers a lot of good ground for both character and comedy.

Grade: B

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