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Wave, Listen To Me Episode #06 Anime Review

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This episode is leading to greater things but that takes away from the fun of this episode. 

What They Say:
There’s No Such Thing

Nakahara lets Makie stay at his place where she reveals a dark family past to Meiko, his older sister. Minare is desperate for a segment idea so Mato sends her and Mizuho to investigate the sender of a mysterious fax.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Have you ever gotten hired and didn’t even ask what you’re being paid until its too late? Minare finally asks Maro what she is going to get paid for working as a radio DJ. There is no definite answer but it feels like he told her zero by her reaction. She was about to quit the restaurant job until she gets snapped back to reality. I wonder how did she think she was going to make a living with only working four shows that are 20 minutes a month? Her ignorance of life is a grand spectacle. You just can’t help to see what shenanigans she going to herself into. 

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Minare ends up calling her dad by accident. He is drunk and has lost a ton of his money on gambling. He also is very talkative, an alcoholic and down on his luck, three traits that he passed down to his daughter. He hears about Minare’s new job as a radio DJ and tells her “Just be the one everyone laughs at.” What a great father to be telling your daughter that.  Well, she certainly has accomplished that even before she became a radio DJ. 

I do have to wonder what traits Minare received from her mother. The mother was making cheeky comments about Minare’s father. Some of the comments were about the traits that Minare shares with her father. She is a lady who wants to lead a proper life. It would be interesting to see her relationship with Minare expanded on. 

This episode attempts to tell a compelling sentimental story but it fails in its telling. Makie reveals to Nakahara sister, Meiko, the truth of her family and why she wants to work in the restaurant. She and her brother’s parents died in the mountains. Her brother had a dream that involved their parents and they told him that it was his duty to look after and he took this to the extreme. He locked her up, prevented her from going to school, and wouldn’t let her use the phone. There was a great image that depicted how Makie felt living with her brother. I just wish some visual flashbacks showed an example of how her daily life was like living with her brother. She has an emotional story but it doesn’t manage to fully connect by the way its narrated.  

I do wonder how are Minare and Mizuho not dead by the way Minare drives. Or for that manner, how are any of the people in the streets were not killed by Minare. There are some people on the sidewalk when Minare is driving. They just stand there as she is driving like a lunatic. They show no emotion when they should be running away and feeling fear and worry.

Minare constantly makes fun of the restaurant manager for being gay but she has some traits that can be seen as gay. Whenever she is with Mizuho, there is some confusion about her preferences. Speaking of the manager, he is still in the hospital. He in the hospital bed and he wishes Nakahara to worry about him. I feel like the characters are aware of the jokes the show is telling and want to have some fun. I just feel like these jokes have run their course. 

In Summary:
The ending of this episode would be a better fit if it was taken out of this episode and inserted into next week’s episode. It attempts to end with a suspenseful cliffhanger but it doesn’t feel like it belongs to be there. This episode loses part of its charm that it had built up. There weren’t enough comedy moments to have a good chuckle. It is also devoid of the radio moments that the series had been leading to. This episode is leading to greater things but that takes away from the fun of this episode. 

Grade: B-

Streamed by: Funimation

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