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Toei Reveals Another ‘One Piece’ Anime Episode 579 Sneak Peek Dub Clip

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Take a peek at what's coming up next weekend!

It took a few years but we recently got the word that Funimation was able to start rolling out more dubbed One Piece. That, of course, hit the wall that is the COVID-19 pandemic. With episodes starting to show up through various outlets, Toei Animation US has now brought out their third sneak peek clip of the newly dubbed episodes with a look at episode 579, giving us a chance to reconnect with this flavor of the gang that’s just as appealing to many as the Japanese cast.

Funimation is currently bringing out a good chunk of episodes for purchase through Microsoft and Amazon digital storefronts! Season 10 includes episodes 575 through 687, which gets us into the Punk Hazard arc. Episodes are available as a season for $21.99 and bonus extras for $2.99.

The home video release is set for a June 9th, 2020 debut.

Crunchyroll streams the series in the USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Latin America. Funimation streams it to the USA and Canada.

Previous clips:

Series Premise: The Straw Hats help a tiny stowaway, but the mission turns into an all-out brawl of gigantic proportions! Then, when a distress signal draws half the crew to an island engulfed in flames, Luffy comes across the walking, talking, bottom half of a samurai. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang gets caught in a lab, but their escape is foiled when they stumble upon a room full of quarantined children.

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