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SuperMash and Super Mega Baseball 3 Strike it out on the Nintendo eShop May 7th

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Games aplenty in this week's eShop Update

Have you ever wanted to mix a shoot them up with a stealth game? How about a JRPG but with Platformer styles as well? In Super Mash you get to mix up the genres to create new games. Help out June add tomo in their quest to save the game shop by integrating multiple different genres to create brand new games for customers. When you create these new games you can also share them with other people and let them play.

Speaking of games, it’s time to go enjoy America’s favorite past time baseball. Super Mega Baseball 3 got your back on that one. Enjoy the arcade baseball game where you can play in multiple parks and smash the ball as hard as you can.  You can adjust the difficulty of the game through the Ego system to truly test your skills.  If that’s not enough, create a Franchise and push it to the limit of creating the best baseball team.

Here are the available for the Nintendo eShop this week:

Cloudbase Prime
Dark Burial
Feathery Ears
Finding Teddy 2 : Definitive Edition
Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted
Fledgling Heroes
Fury Unleashed
Ghost Files: Memory of a Crime
Gravity Rider Zero
Highrise Heroes: Word Challenge – Available May 9
Huntdown – Available May 12
Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms
Infinite – Beyond the Mind
Island Saver – Available May 13
Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl
Jet Lancer – Available May 12
Lonely Mountains: Downhill
Megabyte Punch
Monochrome World
Our Two Bedroom Story
PONG Quest
Reed 2
Relic Hunters Zero: Remix
She Sees Red – Interactive Movie – Available May 13
Slayin 2
Spirit of the North
Super Mega Baseball 3 – Available May 13
Task Force Kampas
Tennis Club Story
The Bullet: Time of Revenge
The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game
Void Bastards

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