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Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Familia Chronicle Episode Lyu Vol. #06 Manga Review (Series Finale)

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Family is important … even if they may be strangers.

Creative Staff:
Illustrations By: Hinase Momoyama
Original Story: Fujino Omori
Character Design: nilitsu & Suzuhito Yasuda
Translation: Andrew Gaippe

What They Say:
After leaving the underworld behind, Lyu still has some repercussions to face before she’ll be allowed to live in the light. With a bounty on her head and two hunters on her tail, her infamy as Gale Wind hasn’t been easy to shake.

Keen to remind her of her shadowed past, the assassin Black Cat and bounty hunter Black Fist move in to eliminate Gale Wind and collect the prize-but only one can get credit for the hit. Caught between two fierce competitors, Lyu must defend her new home at all costs. What will remain when the dust finally settles in this conclusion of Familia Chronicle?!

Content (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
With a new morning, Lyu still cannot ignore the continuous presence she has felt for the past few days, as if someone has been watching her and the activities of the Benevolent Mistress employees. However today she cannot overlook the nagging persistence and danger it presents to her new home, and it is only now when this wandering elf finally has made a decision. Without hesitation, Leon knocks on the door of her employer, the massively impressive dwarf known as Mama Mia, but is surprised when she is greeted by the imposing woman and her friend Syr casually talking, but the situation becomes even more puzzling when Grand answers her question before it is asked – no, she may not quit. Her boss unequivocally states she may not leave even if people are snooping around looking for Gale Wind, and the point is made even stronger when Flover reinforces this statement with the fact that the other waitresses are also very strong, thus making this tavern the safest place to be rather than running away to avoid trouble. With a rousing speech, the impressive matron declares she wants Lyu to work hard, and after that the frightened elf is now reassured by stating she will take care of any troubles which may arise. With problems now settled, Mia off-handedly proclaims she and Syr have an errand to attend to tonight, so the bar will be closed and if anything is broken before they return … ominously Grand states Leon will pay for it.

However, as soon as the pair take their leave, it is the simpleton cat maid Ahnya who leads the cheers that their tyrannical boss is gone, allowing the team to have an impromptu party to celebrate a rare night off. But even with the promise she made to Mama, Lyu cannot stop the high spirited festivities as the crew cooks up dishes utilizing the pantry’s supplies and greedily downs many bottles of wine, resulting all soon unconscious and asleep on the tavern’s floor. Shaking her head in surrendered frustration she covers everyone up and retreats to her own bed, finally allowing herself a welcomed night of comforting relaxation. But before her eyes can fully close, the experienced elf recognizes a sickening sweet aroma in the night air, that of a devious concoction called sleeping scent, an agent designed to put anyone smelling it into a slumber from which none can be woken. Cursing herself for being so complacent, Gale Wind immediately knows the people watching have finally made their move, with this diversion but a prelude for the attack, and as she searches the hallway for some clue as to where they may enter, well-honed instincts alert her reactions to an unseen strike, barely dodging in time. The hooded assailant now stands before Leon with hooked blade in hand, pitying that she was not pacified by the earlier smoke screen, allowing the observant waitress to ask if she is the one named Black Cat. With a passively deceptive smile now on her delicate lips, the dedicated assassin absent-mindedly drops her dagger, almost as if in surrender. For someone who has prepared so well and surveyed her target for such a long time, this cat girl cannot be willing to give up a bounty this easily … or is everything as it seems?

In Summary:
After realizing talented mangaka Momoyama-sensei would be adapting writer Omori-sensei amazing work Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Familia Chronicles: Episode Lyu into a manga, I was a bit wary this translation would not live up to the daunting task, and yet this resounding conclusion leaves any doubts by the wayside thanks to the breathtaking scope of the stunning battle. Although this conflict between Lyu, Chloe and Runoa was the climax for the light novel and while it lasted for a scant twenty pages, it is the spectacular latitude contained within the entirety of this volume that makes for such a memorably visual treat for readers who have stayed until the finale. While Omori-sensei’s literary expression may have been mildly stimulating to allow our imaginations to weave the event into reality, it is Momoyama-sensei’s immersive demonstration of graphic story telling which allows us to fully submerge ourselves within the battle without a need to contemplate how events might have unfolded. It is this synergetic realization of words and images which allow for the narrative to fully materialize in all its grand glory, preparing the audience for a confrontation which seemed inevitable and now fulfills the desire to reward the reader for their patience of what is to come. Lyu is our unsung hero who helps any who may have a need, and it is only now at the end are we able to witness her past finally bear its hungry fangs, only to be placated by someone who has an even more voracious appetite for well due compensation. Comedy balances out the coldness of greed and it is only now can we fully acknowledge there is a place for both within this wondrous title.

Content Grade: A+
Art Grade: A+
Packaging Grade: A+
Text/Translation Grade: A-
Series Grade: A+

Age Rating: Teen
Released By: Yen Press
Release Date: February 18, 2020
MSRP: $13.00

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