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High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World! Vol. #06 Manga

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When it comes to freedom … everyone must sacrifice something.

Creative Staff:
Story By: Riku Misora
Art By: Kotaro Yamada
Character Design By: Sacraneco
Translation: Caleb D. Cook
Lettering: Brandon Bovia

What They Say:
Though the high school prodigies’ revolution had been going smoothly so far, all that changes when the Blue Brigade conspires with the empire to betray them. Worse still, they soon find that Gustav, presumed dead, is very much still alive and zealously intent on stopping them in their tracks. And for some reason, the warning he gives them haunts Tsukasa’s dreams: “Such hubris, for a common impostor. We cannot save humanity.”

Content (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
As Shinobu is informing Jeanne of their progress within Fort Uranus, they are suddenly surprised by an attack from an unlikely source, allies from within the Blue Brigade led by Golden Knight Reisenach. Although the red headed soldier is alarmed by this betrayal, the journalistic ninja calmly asks if their talks with the Empire went well, all but confirming they are the source of recent troubles. While the honorable knight may question why they would denounce their goals of helping the people, this ruffian callously laughs at these lofty notions, boldly stating they no longer need the help of the Seven Luminaries in order take control and she is but an obstacle – just like her late master Count Blumheart. If she was not angered enough by this disloyalty, the haughty man then coldly states he was the one who murdered the kind hearted man, causing du Leblanc’s seething rage to finally boil over and rush forward in a one-on-one duel for revenge. But as the fight begins to teeter toward the valiant woman, the dishonorable coward orders his men to participate, quickly turning the tables once again until Shinobu leaps in and helps to defeat the traitor once and for all.

However this is not the end of their problems, for these men will not allow their leader’s death to be in vain, and as they give chase the kunoichi swiftly releases a smoke bomb, allowing for their escape into the fort’s underground tunnels. But as they wander these stony confines, Shinobu escorts her friend to something which she had discovered earlier – a massive pile consisting of the remains of the Emperor’s golden statues that Marquis Conrad had stated were lost. While Jeanne becomes despondent in thinking there is nothing left for her to do within the Blue Brigade, Sarutobi kindly points out that all of the ideals which Blumheart nurtured still exist inside her heart, and if these disloyal soldiers no longer care for this country, then she can help those who do by joining the Seven Luminaries. However as this new partnership begins to blossom, they are alerted to someone approaching the hidden room, only to then witness the duplicitous Marquis and cloaked figure of Tanganika enter, allowing the pompous man to show off his ill-begotten gains. But as this vile man attempts to gain a new ally through bribery, a bandaged hand suddenly shoots forward and gasps him around the neck, boldly declaring he should not have destroyed the glittering monuments dedicated to his beloved Emperor. And as his arm bursts into flame and travels upward to consume the former nobleman, all are stunned to watch as his cloak turns to ash to reveal someone everyone had thought died with the destruction of the castle at Millevania – the Fastidious Duke … Gustav.

In Summary:
With the first story arc now complete, I was hoping writer Misora-sensei would have completed it with a more meaningful flair considering Gustav was such a driving force behind our protagonists’ struggles against the Empire, and yet his end seemed rather understated considering his fiery temper. All of the answers were too simple for the prodigies with their advanced technology, with Lyrule giving them the solution on how to finally defeat their foe and a clue as how the next act would begin within reach and also too convenient. However, even within this simplistic story, mangaka Yamada-sensei does not disappoint with his pronounced illustrations which wondrously encompasses every scene, giving readers an immense sense of immersion with each page. But as we consider new problems for our heroes, one still has to wonder what will be the next step for this fledgling Republic of Elm and how they will be able to endure when or if the geniuses ever consider going back home.

Content Grade: A
Art Grade: A-
Packaging Grade: A-
Text/Translation Grade: A-

Age Rating: Mature
Released By: Yen Press
Release Date: January 28, 2020
MSRP: $13.00

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