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Yen Press Reveals ‘Eclair Bleue’ Manga Cover

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With a release date bumped around a little bit previously, Yen Press has now provided a new piece of the puzzle with their Eclair Bleue manga. Scheduled for a June 23rd, 2020 debut, they’ve now brought out the English-language cover for it. The release follows up the May 5th, 2020 release of Eclair Blanche that the publisher is also putting out as it provides for some good girls’ love anthology material.

The stories included should be:

  • Story 1 (U35)
  • Story 2 The unemployed Woman and the High School girl (Canno)
  • Story 3 (Miman)
  • Story 4 Commearication (Nakatani Nio)
  • Story 5 (Musshu)
  • Story 6 Unfinished Prologue (Fumio Aya)
  • Story 7 more more oppai!!!! (Oku Tamamushi)
  • Story 8 (Yuikawa Kazuno)
  • Story 9 (Fly)
  • Story 10 (Tadano Kagekichi)
  • Story 11 (Kabocha (II))
  • Story 12 (Amano Shuninta)
  • Story 13 (Kitao Taki)
  • Story 14 (Hiroichi)
  • Story 15 (Itou Hachi)
  • Story 16 (Hirao Auri)

Plot Concept: A new, “blue” yuri anthology from the Éclair series featuring artists like Reine Hibiki, Miman, and more! These girls’ pure feelings will resound in your chest.

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