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Wizard’s & Spells: A Young Adventurer’s Guide Review

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Magic is a powerful ally … if you know how to use it.

Creative Staff:
Written By: Jim Zub, Stacy King & Andrew Wheeler
Illustrators: Conceptopolis

What They Say:
You hold in your hands an immersive, one-of-a-kind guide to the wizards, sorcerers, and other magic-makers from the world’s most beloved tabletop role-playing game – Dungeons & Dragons. Featuring amazing new illustrations and expert insights, Wizards & Spells shines it torchlight on the mystical side of D&D, with descriptions of the game’s essential magical characters and explanations of how spells are created and used. If you’re eager to create your own D&D adventures, this guidebook provides the perfect starting point to worlds of fantasy and an epic tale all your own.

Content (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
Wizards & Spells: A Young Adventurer’s Guide is a descriptive breakdown of the various disciplines of spell casters within the world of Dungeons & Dragons, allowing for the reader to acknowledge how each class differs and when to best utilize them within their respective specialities. The bard, cleric, druid, sorcerer, warlock and wizard are each described in easy to understand detail, concentrating on what makes each character unique via their various traits such as: distinctive tools of the trade, particular magics using their individual skills, insight of how to best use them and how they will support the party in combat. And thanks to examples of legendary casters and a breakdown of various spells by how they affect the environment, this book is a fulfilling guide of how to best utilize magic to its utmost effect within the world, all in an effort to survive the beasts of the wild within any chaotic dungeon.

In Summary:
Wizards & Spells: A Young Adventurer’s Guide continues with this practical series of guides for beginning dungeon masters, focusing mainly on the narrative aspect of the board game, and while the simplistic writing is not bogged down by rules or data, it does not mean the information contained therein is cannot also be utilized by veteran storytellers. While a majority of the information is easily digestible as written by Jim Zub, Stacy King and Andrew Wheeler, of course as with any fantasy genre the most impactful moments are when you experience the fascinating encounters as depicted by the spectacular illustrations from art studio Conceptopolis. With this brilliant combination of picture and word, you are teleported into the adventure which is Dungeons & Dragons, allowing the reader to once again believe there may be a world just beyond the horizon, with creatures and adventures worthy of risking your brief life within this forbidden world.

Content Grade: A+
Art Grade: A+
Packaging Grade: A+

Age Rating: Age 6 and up
Released By: Wizards of the West Coast/Ten Speed Press
Release Date: March 10, 2020
MSRP: $12.99/$12.99

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