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‘Domestic Girlfriend’ Manga Ending Scheduled

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Take a step back about a year...
Domestic Girlfriend Japanese Box Set Cover

The winter 2019 anime series Domestic Girlfriend went over well even though it took some time for a home video release to hit in Japan. The manga from Kei Sasuga now looks like it’s coming to a natural ending nearly two years after the anime with Weekly Shonen Magazine conifmring that the 28th volume of the series will be the final one. Tha release is set for an August 17th, 2020 debut but the magazine did not reveal when the final chapter will be published in the magazine.

The anime adaptation was directed by Shota Ihata based on the series composition by Tatsuya Takahashi. Naomi Ide handled the character designs while diomedea is handling the animation production.

The Japanese cast includes Maaya Uchida as Rui Tachibana, Yōko Hikasa as Hina Tachibana, Taku Yashiro as Natsuo Fujii, Haruka Yoshimura as Momo Kashiwabara, and Konomi Kohara as Miu Ashihara. The new additions include Nobuo Tobita as Akihito Fujii, Yurika Hino as Tokiko Tachibana, Takuya Eguchi as Fumiya Kurimoto, Takeaki Masuyama as Yūya Masaoka, Hikaru Midorikawa as Reiji Kariya, Daisuke Hirakawa as Shū Hagiwara, Kenjiro Tsuda as Masaki Kobayashiand Gakuto Kajiwara as Kazuyuki Kine.

The series features the opening sequence song “Kawaki wo Ameku” by Minami, something that really sets the tone for the show. The ending song “Wagamama” by Alisa Takigawa is pretty special as well.

The original manga comes from Kei Sasuga and began in 2014 in Weekly Shonen Magazine and has twenty-six volumes out as of this month. Kodansha Comics and Crunchyroll are bringing the series out digitally to various outlets.

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot concept: Natsuo Fujii is in love with his teacher, Hina. Attempting to forget his feelings towards her, Natsuo goes to a mixer with his classmates where he meets an odd girl named Rui Tachibana. In a strange turn of events, Rui asks Natsuo to sneak out with her and do her a favor. To his surprise, their destination is Rui’s house—and her request is for him to have sex with her. There’s no love behind the act; she just wants to learn from the experience. Thinking that it might help him forget about Hina, Natsuo hesitantly agrees.

After this unusual encounter, Natsuo now faces a new problem. With his father remarrying, he ends up with a new pair of stepsisters; unfortunately, he knows these two girls all too well. He soon finds out his new siblings are none other than Hina and Rui! Now living with both the teacher he loves and the girl with whom he had his “first time,” Natsuo finds himself in an unexpected love triangle as he climbs ever closer towards adulthood.

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