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Toilet paper man wraps Recca up like a mummy in this ‘Flame of Recca’ Extended Fifteen-Minute Anime Clip

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Rock paper fire

One of my absolute favorite series from days long gone was the  Flame of Recca property. While it didn’t capitalize on its strength in the long run, succumbing to a tournament-style arc that dominates half of the 42 episode run, there’s just so much good stuff at the start and the character personalities help to carry it through the later material. The show now has a new fifteen-minute extended clip from Retrocrush that gives us another pretty good fight where we get a huge chunk of it thanks to the extended clip as Recca faces a real threat.

The complete series is streaming through the channel in its original Japanese language with English subtitles and you can get the series for $34.99 in full or a buck an episode. But you can also watch it for free if you’re a Prime member, which we definitely recommend as it’s a blast of a show.

The 42 episode series that was originally released by Viz Media back in 2004 across ten DVD volumes and Discotek Media brought it out in bilingual form as a complete collection.

The series originally aired in 1997 and 1998 for its run as animated by Studio Pierrot. It’s based on the manga of the same name by Nobuyuki Anzai which began in 1995 and ended in 2002 after thirty-three volumes of weekly serialization in Shounen Sunday. The manga was released in full by Viz Media in North America back in 2009.

Plot concept: Recca Hanabishi is a ninja, but is nearly killed in an accident. However, a girl named Yanagi heals him with her powers. Later, the two are tracked down by a woman who attacks them. She tells Recca to ignite his flame, but he is clueless. Just as she hurts Yanagi, Recca releases a powerful flame upon the woman. She is excited to see this. It turns out that Recca was a baby, from the Hokage Clan of the past, that was sent to the future in order to escape death. Now, Recca is the leader of the new Hokage Clan who must stop his half brother, Kurei, from kidnapping Yanagi.

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