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Madman Schedules ‘Quintessential Quintuplets’ Anime Blu-ray Release

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A new edition has been solicited.
© Negi Haruba / Kodansha

The winter 2019 anime season of the Quintissential Quintuplets is moving right along in finding some additional home video release points. With Funimation’s release coming up in May, Australian distributor Madman Entertainment has put together their plans for a regular edition on Blu-ray only for July 8th, 2020. It’ll be priced at $64.95 and have the same on-disc extras as below.

Funimation’s limited-edition is housed in a rigid box that contains a 52 page Art Book, 5 Art Cards, and one random Japanese Shikishi featuring one of the quintuplets. Both editions feature the same on-disc extras with The Quintessential Quintuplets Game, Episode 1 Commentary, and Textless Songs.

The series is directed by Satoshi Kuwabara based on the series composition by Keiichiro Ochi. Michinosuke Nakamura and Miyabu Uta are handling the character designs with Tezuka Productions working on the animation.

The Japanese cast includes Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Futaro Uesugi, Kana Hanazawa as Ichika Nakano, Ayana Taketatsu as Nino Nakano, Miku Itō as Miku Nakano, Ayane Sakura as Yotsuba Nakano, Inori Minase as Itsuki Nakano, Natsumi Takamori as Raiha Uesugi, and Satoshi Hino as Isanari Uesugi.

The series comes from creator Negi Haruba which began in August 2017 and has six volumes released so far.

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot Concept: One day, a poor high school second-year named Futaro Uesugi comes across a private tutoring gig with good pay. But his pupils are his classmates!! And they’re quintuplets!! A-and they’re all gorgeous girls, but they’re also troublemakers who hate to study and are on the verge of flunking out! And his first task is simply gaining the sisters’ trust?! Every day is a party! The curtain is rising on the Nakano quintuplets’ quirky romantic comedy with five times the cute!

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