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The Weekly Anime & Manga Discussion Post For April 5th, 2020

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The common bond between us all with anime is ever-present, however, and we've got a new week of anime, manga, novels, and simulcasts that we've taken a look at to help you discover your next favorite property.

The quarantine goes on as we’ve now wrapped up three weeks of it as of this posting here in New England and I’m still finding it hard to actually sit down and watch anime. Keeping up on simulcasts, getting some Blu-ray releases done, but I find myself at my desk working on writing up news articles more than anything else. There’s some interesting discussion in psychology circles about how people are struggling to start new things because of how much the COVID-19 pandemic is occupying headspace.

That said, we’re coming in at between 30-40 articles per day now, especially as the spring season gets underway this week. New shows, new excitement, new things to talk about. We’re excited for it and hope you are too. In the meantime, check out our views on a number of season finales below, some premieres, a bunch of manga, and some home video releases.

Do your part. Watch more anime.

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This month, we’re looking at expanding our offerings with our Patreon push as well as the latest GoFundMe as we lost our major advertiser and are figuring out how to stay in business. We recently had a classic new Ten Years Later with Twenty Years Later: Digimon the Movie, and are looking at what to work on next! If you’d like to write one, let us know!

This past week saw manga reviews go live for:

  1. Guardian of the Witch #9 Review
  2. My Hero Academia Vol. #20 Manga Review
  3. My Hero Academia Vol. #19 Manga Review
  4. Kakegurui Twin Vol. #03 Manga Review
  5. Im: Great Priest Imhotep Vol. #01 Manga Review
  6. A Certain Magical Index Vol. #18 Light Novel Review
  7. Trinity Seven Vol. #18 Manga Review
  8. One Week Friends Vol. #04 Manga Review
  9. Heart Guidance Hentai Manga Review
  10. Just a Moment Hentai Manga Review
  11. Riding the Music Hentai Manga Review
  12. First Day of Winter – Part 2 Hentai Manga Review

And on the home video side:

  1. BanG Dream! Season 2 Complete Collection Blu-ray Anime Review
  2. SSSS.Gridman Limited Edition Complete Collection Blu-ray Anime Review
  3. Pandora in the Crimson Shell Complete Collection Essentials Edition Blu-ray Anime Review
  4. Aria The Natural Season 2 Part 2 Blu-ray Anime Review
  5. Aria the Scarlett Ammo AA Essentials Anime Collection Blu-ray Anime Review
  6. His and Her Circumstances Complete Collection Anime DVD Review
  7. Shingu: Secret Of The Stellar Wars Complete Collection Thinpak Anime DVD Review

Plus lots of simulcast reviews!

  1. My Hero Academia Episode #88 Season Finale Anime Review
  2. Ascendance of a Bookworm Episodes #15 Anime Review
  3. Ascendance of a Bookworm Episodes #14.5 Parts 1 & 2 Anime Review
  4. Arte Episode #01 Anime Review
  5. A Certain Scientific Railgun T Episode #10 Anime Review
  6. HAIKYU‼ TO THE TOP Episode #13 Anime Review
  7. Wave, Listen To Me Episode #01 Anime Review
  8. LISTENERS Episode #01 Anime Review
  9. Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin Episode #04 Anime Review
  10. Black Clover Episode #128 Anime Review
  11. Isekai Quartet 2nd Season Episode #12 Season Finale Anime Review
  12. One Piece Episode #926 Anime Review

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