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Gal & Dino Episode #01 Anime Review

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This show is freaking weird. You know what? It's actually weirder than weird.
© Kodansha, Kamikaze Douga / Space Neko Company

“Nice to Meet You!” and “Look, Kitties!”

What They Say:
After a night of drinking, Kaede wakes up realizing that in her drunken daze she had brought an unexpected guest home—a dinosaur! Kaede just goes with the flow and accepts her new living situation. Now she navigates her daily life while eating, watching TV, and shopping with her prehistoric roommate. Together, the duo enjoys each other’s company as they take on whatever the day brings.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Before I get started, I must warn you that this show is super weird. Like, you don’t understand how weird this show really is. You’re not going to be prepared! Relax, take a deep breath, and continue reading at your own risk. I’ll give you one last chance to turn around before your mind gets blown. Starting the review in 3…2…1…and let’s do this! Kaede is just your typical gal enjoying life. She gets drunk one night and ends up bringing an unexpected guest back home. Scandalous! Is it a hot guy? A sexy lady perhaps? Nope, it’s a dinosaur. You read that right. She brought back home…a dinosaur. I told you this show was weird and we only just started!

So, there’s a dinosaur in Kaede’s house. What now? Well, she’s got to go to work so she changes and does just that. Apparently, gals don’t worry or fret! We’re going to get a lot of these lessons throughout the season. She leaves the dinosaur at her apartment. By the way, the dinosaur is simply called Dino. It makes the most hilariously derpy faces. I am a fan. What does Dino do while Kaede is working? Watching television, of course! Dino especially loves those ramen commercials and gets hungry. Hmm, what to do? I guess Dino will just sleep until Kaede gets back home! You see, Dino doesn’t worry or fret either! Oh man, I can tell these two are going to get along great!

At night, Dino is awakened by whistling from the kitchen. Kaede is home and she’s making ramen! Dino sure is hungry. Kaede offers Dino something to eat. Yay! Dino is very excited! Sadly, Dino isn’t getting ramen. Dino is getting cat food. Dino makes a hilarious angry face. But…Dino is a dinosaur. Why would Dino eat cat food? Then again, why would Dino eat ramen? In fact, do dinosaurs even eat ramen? Kaede does a quick search on her phone and finds 0 results to her question, haha. Well, no use in worrying about it! Kaede decides to make Dino some ramen, too. After all, gals always think positive! Dino is very happy and starts chowing down on that ramen. Dino has impressive chopstick skills as well! Clearly, Dino has eaten ramen before.

The show thus far has been weird but kind of charming. I think? Maybe. But now it gets even weirder. Randomly, everything changes to stop motion animation for the next scene. Okay!? What is this, Pop Team Epic!? The scene was nothing too special, just Dino making ramen. And then we go back to the regular animation at the start of the episode! What is happening!? The next morning, Dino is feeling kind of blue. Kaede invites Dino to go somewhere with her. Dino would love that! Dino is happy again. They run into Kaede’s landlady outside. She doesn’t seem to be a fan of Dino. Aww, who doesn’t love that face? Well, as long as her kitties aren’t afraid of Dino, everything will be fine. And you know what? The kitties love Dino! However, Dino is terrified! Eventually, Dino is freed from the horror and they head out. Where are they going? That’s a good question. Dino takes them around in circles. Did Dino ever have a place in mind? Kaede wonders…is Dino planning on staying at her house again? Dino gets nervous. Because if that’s the case…they need to get a towel and toothbrush for Dino! Dino is extremely happy! Yay, friends! The next scene is in stop motion animation and it’s basically Dino getting harassed by cats. Poor Dino! Dino runs away. This is really giving me Pop Team Epic vibes. They even had a French cutaway!

Speaking of Pop Team Epic, if you’ve ever watched the anime, they did something unique where the episodes were split into two parts. In the first part, the characters would be voiced by various female voice actresses. In the second part, the characters would be voiced by various male voice actors. Both parts were basically the same except voiced by different people. A few episodes had minor changes in each part. But getting back on track, that’s what I was expecting for the second part of Gal & Dino. That’s not we got, at all. The entire second part of the episode was live-action! What the hell am I watching!? I mean, I’m dying of laughter at this point but seriously, what the hell!? Okay, the person playing Dino in the live-action version is wearing a Dino suit which is pretty funny. As for Kaede, she’s being played…by some middle-aged guy!? Dead. I’m dead. I’ve died of laughter. Okay, I’m alive again. Actually, I’m not sure if the guy is playing Kaede or just fulfilling the role of the gal character. Either way, it’s freaking hilarious.

The first half of the live-action part goes almost exactly the same as the anime part. But the second half is totally different. It’s Christmas and Mieharu (I guess that’s the actor’s name?) dresses up as Santa. He also gets Dino a present! Yay! Dino got a snazzy scarf. Also, an air horn went off randomly during this part and it was hilarious. The episode ends with them both eating a piece of cake. Unfortunately, the cake was a lie! Mieharu’s stomach starts to hurt and he falls over in pain. Oh no! I guess we’ll find out what happens in the next episode. By the way, I lied. That wasn’t the end of the episode. It actually ends with an appearance by the time-traveling Aoi Shouta!?!?!? Okay, if I had any doubts before this, they’re all gone now. This show was definitely made by the same people who did Pop Team Epic.

In Summary:
This show is freaking weird. You know what? It’s actually weirder than weird. I definitely got Pop Team Epic vibes and why wouldn’t I? After the episode, I confirmed that the same people behind Pop Team Epic are also doing Gal & Dino. Everything makes perfect sense now! This episode was a wild ride. At first, I was confused. At the halfway point, I thought this show was just okay. Weird, but nothing special. By the end, I was laughing like a madman. Do I hate the show? Do I like it? Do I love it? I don’t even know! Is this show good? Or is this show so bad that it’s good? Again, I have no clue! All I know is that I can stop watching now! On a side note, I’m wondering if Gal & Dino is going to get the Pop Team Epic treatment where every episode has different voice actors. That’d be awesome. I wonder if they’ll do that for the live-action part, too. Imagine if in the next episode that Mieharu is randomly replaced by someone else, haha. It’s definitely something to think about! That being said, I loved Pop Team Epic. I don’t think Gal & Dino is at that level, yet. Not going to lie, it’d be hard to top Pop Team Epic‘s craziness! I’m looking forward to seeing them try though! This show is definitely not for everyone. But hey, if you’re one of the brave ones that will continue watching this show, just be prepared to have your minds blown every week. You have been warned!

Grade: B-

Streamed By: Funimation

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