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Wave, Listen To Me Episode #01 Anime Review

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I want to see how her radio show impacts the world that she lives in. 
©2020 Hiroaki Samura, KODANSHA /“Wave, Listen to Me!” Production Committee.

What They Say:
On a drunken night out to complain about an ex, Minare Koda absentmindedly shares too much information with a stranger from the radio station. The next morning, she’s shocked to hear her voice on the radio. Bursting into the station with intentions to justify her previous night’s rant quickly turns into an interview on-air and the offer to share her chaotic life with an unsuspecting audience!

I’ll Never Forgive You

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
This series starts off with a weird but fascinating scene. The first scene involves Minare facing a brown bear. Turns out that there isn’t really a bear but Minare pretends that she is out in the wilderness facing a bear to add variety to her radio show.  This fight scene creates an atmosphere that depicts how the battles in this show on a personal level. This scene takes place further along where the story is meant to start. This scene could have been added to the end to let the audience know more about this world and the characters. This segment is just thrown into the beginning with the expectation that viewers know what is happening. 

This series features Minare as the main character. She is someone who can’t be silent and goes on and on about the disasters in her personal life without regard to what she says and how it can affect others. This effect is amplified when she is drunk at a bar and talking about an ex-boyfriend and what he did to her. She is talking to a random stranger who happens to be a radio producer, Mato, who records the conversation with her and plays it on the radio. I do have to wonder how illegal this action is but this show just ignores that detail. Mato gives her the option to get the recording off the air if she goes on the air live and rants on about her life. She goes on the air and tells her ex-boyfriend that she will kill him at all costs. She makes for a great character that says what she wants with no holds barred

In Summary: 
Minara’s personality is eccentric and is the driving force of this series. Her life is falling apart at every turn and she seems like a disaster waiting to happen. Her disasters are then turned to the public view as she tells every single detail in a complete description to anyone willing to listen which would happen to be radio listeners. I enjoyed the premise of the show and I am intrigued to see where it goes from this point. I want to see how her radio show impacts the world that she lives in. 

Grade: B

Streamed By: Funimation

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