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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 Episode #07 – Dangerous Debt Review

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As an escape and chase episode, Clone Wars has a good piece here overall with what it tries to accomplish.
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Actions in the past ripple into the present.

What They Say:
Imprisoned by the Pykes, Ahsoka and the Martez sisters make a daring attempt to escape the Pyke stronghold and reach Trace’s ship.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
While there is a growing sense that this season is not going to be able to capitalize on things like a lot of us had hoped, and that our expectations were too high, I’m still very much enjoying the season. It is carrying forward much of what it had done before so it’s not exactly surprising that a touch of nostalgia and hopes of going out in a really big way may coalesce. This second arc is working well enough for me, even though it should probably be a bit shorter and tighter, because I wanted to see more of Ahsoka after she had left the Jedi. We know where she ended up in Rebels, I’ve read the novel showing more of her adventures, and she’s got plenty of future potential. But just a little more from this period of time is still welcome.

With the dumping of the spice and the problems that now arise because of it as the trio has been imprisoned by the Pykes, a little history surfaces. This takes us back to the event previously involving Zrio on Coruscant where the Jedi went after him and the collateral damage ended up causing the sisters’ home to be destroyed in the chase. The sisters survived but the death of their parents made an impact and it explains why they keep their distance from the Jedi. There are some humbling moments in the tale to be sure and it’s easy to understand why the sisters want nothing to do with Jedi. And while Ahsoka is no longer a Jedi, well, this certainly is something she can understand and it fits into her larger concerns with the Order as well. But she also takes it all quite to heart and it makes an impact on her.

While we do finally get the trio making their escape attempt thanks to Ahsoka and her Force abilities, it’s still something she’s doing her best to keep from the sisters. Even after the two of them started getting tortured by the Pyke’s droids. The escape is pretty well animated with some good scenes, even if one is pretty grisly even for off-camera work, but we continue to see how Raffa isn’t exactly working with Ahsoka but rather using her to ensure she and her sister continue to live. It’s understandable to some level but Raffa just makes herself less likable in the how of it. Ahsoka gets to shine nicely with a good bit of action throughout this episode while still trying to keep her true nature a secret so it’s enjoyable watching her go through these motions.

In Summary:
As an escape and chase episode, Clone Wars has a good piece here overall with what it tries to accomplish. The action is varied and the things they have to face are dealt with in engaging and fun ways. There’s some good character material mixed in and some struggles for Ahsoka to have to work with as well. It’s got a good flow to it that keeps it moving well and while I would have liked something a bit tighter, it has the right little twists to it that I like as it grapples with events of the past and their ramifications that went unknown then and into the future. Plus, I like the whole Pyke group and their excellent alien design.

Grade: B+

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