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A Certain Scientific Railgun T Episode #10 Anime Review

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This is leading to a battle with the remaining forces and I hope it lives up to the stakes that have been placed.
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What They Say:
Clone Dolly

Shokuho and Mikoto find themselves in a traffic jam, and Shokuho demonstrates a tremendous example of her ability. The background behind the Exterior project is revealed, as well as Shokuho’s connection to one of the original Misaka clones.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The first half of this episode dives into excruciating details into Shokuho’s backstory. She is in a lab with scientists who are creating Exterior, a device to help power up Shokuho’s power and that gives them control over her power. She is made to come into contact with a clone, Dolly, who is made of Misaka’s DNA but has a limited lifespan.  Dolly used to be friends with Kouzako Mitori but this episode keeps those details short and will probably touch upon it later.Shokuho and Dolly grow close to each other by blowing bubbles and throwing away their trash like its a basketball and build a relationship that can last a lifetime but it’s cut short as Dolly is taken away and is going to meet her unfortunate fate.  Their relationship is a reflection of Shokuho’s relationship with Misaka and her development is why she chooses to close her heart and take action as a rogue agent. She takes control of the scientists and find out why they want to develop the Exterior and vows to protect it from people who wish to use it to create havoc. 

Her backstory also ties into an overarching theme which is the creation of a Level 6, an aspect that this series has been pushing into repeatedly. The creation of Level 6 has been something that the scientists of Academy City have been pursuing with no regard for the human cost. The creation of a Level 6 has been the endgame that no one has been able to achieve. 

Gensei has made himself into a formidable villain as he constantly stops Misaka and Shokuho in their tracks. Gensei was aware of the Exterior project and makes plans behind the scene to take it for himself. He sees through every single plan they come up against him and turns it against them. He reveals himself as the series main villain as he has been behind the Level 6 project and instructed Kiyama, a prior villain, on how to develop her tools to benefit his plans. He ends up accessing the Exterior projects and using it to get into the Misaka Network to turn Misaka into a Level 6 and unleash her upon the world. 

The ending of this episode is a moment that creates an exciting future with a depressing tone. The heroes are down on their knees and Misaka has been beaten and turned into the inconceivable Level 6. This episode manages to have some cameos from the protagonists from the franchise’s other series. Touma from Index makes an appearance to foreshadow his role in the upcoming battle and Accelerator appears but he is shown to be wiped from the playing to demonstrate how high the stakes are.  

In Summary: 
All the divergent roads are being turned into one as Gensei activates his plan and manages to achieve in creating a Level 6 being. Shokuho and Misaka have both experiences a shared hell as they were experimented on to create the fabled Level 6 but have come out with a strong mindset and a want to do what is just. Gensei has been playing the long game to get to this point as he has experimented with Misaka and is aware of the experiments that were done with Shokuho since they were children.  He has succeeded as Misaka has been turned into a grotesque Level 6 being and the Sisters, Misaka Network and Accelerator have been taken out. This is leading to a battle with the remaining forces and I hope it lives up to the stakes that have been placed.   

Grade: A

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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