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King Records Reveals New ‘Slayers’ 30th-Anniversary Album Promo

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The Slayers property is one that comes around fairly regularly in different ways. With new novel material out in the past year that got some serious reprints and the last year also seeing new Blu-ray editions of the TV series, it’s been a good time to be a Slayers fan.

The latest piece to surface is an interesting one as King Records brought out last week a 30th-anniversary promo for the property with a new CD called Slayers Megumixxx. Priced at 3,000 yen, it’s a three-disc set that has the theme songs from across the run as well as the new song that was made for it with “two thumbs up!” The set also comes in a special case for the first pressings and there’s a 40-page photo book.

Check out the promo below and relieve the goodness.

Track List:

Disc 1:
1. two thumbs up! (Slayers 30th Anniversary Image Song)
2. Get along ~SelfTag Version~ (TV Anime Slayers OP Theme Rearranged ver.)
3. Give a reason (TV Anime Slayers NEXT OP Theme)
4. Breeze (TV Anime Slayers TRY OP Theme)
5. don’t be discouraged (TV Anime Slayers TRY ED Theme)
6. Meet again (TV Anime Slayers 10th Anniversary Image Song)
7. Plenty of grit (TV Anime Slayers REVOLUTION OP Theme)
8. Revolution (TV Anime Slayers REVOLUTION ED Theme)
9. Front breaking (TV Anime Slayers EVOLUTION-R OP Theme)
10. Sunatokei (TV Anime Slayers EVOLUTION-R ED Theme)
11. JUST BEGUN (TV Anime Slayers EVOLUTION-R Final ED Theme)

Disc 2:
1. MIDNIGHT BLUE (Movie Slayers Theme Song)
2. Shining Girl (Movie Slayers Image Song)
3. Just be conscious (Movie Slayers RETURN Theme Song)
4. RUN ALL THE WAY! (Movie Slayers RETURN Image Song)
5. Reflection (Movie Slayers Great Theme Song)
6. GLORIA ~I Want to Reach You~ (Movie Slayers Great Image Song)
7. raging waves (Movie Slayers Gorgeous Theme Song)
8. feel well (Movie Slayers Premium Theme Song)
9. Rumba Rumba (Movie Slayers Premium Image Song)
10. Kagirinai Yokubō no Naka ni (OVA Slayers Special Theme Song)
11. Touch Yourself (GAME Slayers Royal Theme Song)
12. I&Myself (GAME Slayers Royal 2 Theme Song)

Disc 3:
1. Get along <ALBUM VERSION> (TV Anime Slayers OP Theme)
2. KUJIKENAIKARA! (TV Anime Slayers ED Theme)
3. Nemurenai Yoru wa… (『Slayers Etcetera (1) Excellent! Lina=Inverse Kyō mo iku)
4. Going History (Radio DramaSlayers EX. OP Theme)
5.Shakunetsu no Koi (Radio Drama Slayers EX. ED Theme)
6. Give a reason ~Ballade version~ (TV Anime Slayers NEXT OP Theme Ballade version)
7. Otome no Inori (Slayers NEXT SOUND BIBLE II)
8. EXIT→RUNNING (Character Song Album Slayers TRY TREASURY☆VOX)
9. Kono Sekai no Dokokade -MEGUMIX VERSION- (Slayers TRY TREASURY☆BGM 2』「Kono Sekai Dokokade」COVER)
10. SLAYERS 4 the future (Song Best Album『the BEST of SLAYERS [from TV&RADIO]』)

Plot concept: Powerful, avaricious sorceress Lina Inverse travels around the world, stealing treasures from bandits who cross her path. Her latest victims, a band of thieves, wait in ambush in a forest, thirsting for revenge. When Lina is about to effortlessly pummel her would-be attackers, the swordsman Gourry Gabriev suddenly announces his presence. Assuming Lina to be a damsel in distress, the foolish yet magnanimous man confronts the brigands in order to rescue her. After defeating them posthaste, the oblivious cavalier decides to escort Lina to Atlas City. Though not very keen on this idea, she ends up accepting his offer.

However, without realizing it, Lina has chanced upon a mighty magical item among her most recent spoils. Now two mysterious men are hunting the young magician and her self-proclaimed guardian to obtain this powerful object for apparently nefarious purposes. This way they begin their adventure, one where the fate of the world itself may be at stake.

[PV via ANN]

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