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Doom Eternal is a Delight to Play on Stadia

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If Google can keep on with its investments in Stadia, it may make a decent alternative to those who don’t want to invest in a dedicated console.

Google Stadia has been out for quite a while, and it is no surprise that it has somewhat struggled. The adoption rate, still happening, has not been a major success that many would anticipate. People are still hesitant to invest in the platform because of Google’s previous lack of commitment towards projects. However, Doom Eternal actually shows the significant potential of Stadia. Having a console that can play the latest games without having dedicated hardware is something that people would not take for granted.

Doom Eternal takes place after Doom 2016 and things have gone to hell.  Literally. Demons have appeared and taken over Earth. Few survivors are left, and it’s up to you to save humanity, by killing as many demons as you can.  


Doom Eternal emphasizes the game loop. The game loop essentially posits a sequence where a person can complete tasks and levels with given constraints. The loop for Doom emphasizes on taking our major opponents by hitting their weak points. If you find yourself lacking in health or ammo, there are zombies and possess Marines which you can snipe off and take out. Mastering this game loop will make the experience a lot better.

Doom made me feel like a giddy kid who just got their first M rated game. The sheer amount of violence it is just a delight. Doom hits the arcadey feel just right with its explotion of guts, over the top dismemberment and sound effects to make you want to really just let loose. In the part of these feelings are the killer sound design and soundtrack. The rock and metal soundtrack puts you in the right mood to go kick ass with no prisoners.  Each time running through the corridors the sound designs keeps you on your toes to combat demons. I couldn’t help but just jump in and try to take out as much as possible even when I knew that I was outmatched. It was a major delight.  

Now to the Stadia bits. Right now I’m currently playing on the Stadia free tier where you get quality streaming up to 1080p. This time, I decided to approach playing a game with more quality gameplay. Emphasizing on trying to be the most robust and consistent stream, I went for a 720 P wired chrome cast physical connection.  I didn’t need the best visuals, but I needed the best response time. It played a lot smoother. Controls felt very similar to playing on a regular console. It didn’t feel like any lag was coming on while I was gaming. My overall responses to the game, given the fact that I am not the best with FPSs, is, worked out very well.

Doom Eternal overall is a major delight to play. It rewards those who understand the game loop. The game sounds and plays amazing and motivates you to play as hardcore as you like. Stadia doesn’t feel as a major hamper to the game, but rather just a normal console to just jump in and play on. While they’re still a couple of hiccups here and there, mainly because of playing on Wi-Fi, the experience overall is something to be happy about. If Google can keep on with its investments in Stadia, it may make a decent alternative to those who don’t want to invest in a dedicated console.

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