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The Weekly TV Discussion Post For March 29th, 2020

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So. Much. TV.
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Watching as the current season gets spread out in order to try and have something for the coming weeks has been interesting, but it’s also disheartening – and entirely understandable – as planned spring finales are being adjusted to launch the next season in the fall. That’s going to make for some awkward finales for a few shows I’m sure. but in this time of the coronavirus, it’s the smallest of worries but something tangible that you can latch onto and work with amid the bigger worries. And sometimes that’s a good coping mechanism for many.

At the moment, we just finished our weekly look at Star Trek: Picard with its finale as well as working through Star Wars: The Clone Wars. We also did reviews of the finale of See as well as the finale for The Mandalorian and the finale on Harley Quinn. The second season of that comes in this Friday so we’ll be getting that underway again soon.

I’ve found myself mostly going for comfort shows this week amid some of the new episodes that are out there. The couple of sitcoms I like had a few episodes like Schooled and Goldbergs but not much in the way of dramas that I wanted to sink my teeth into outside of Zoey’s. What I did find is that Hulu has all three seasons of Happy Endings on it and that got me to revisit this delightfully fun quirky show. It’s got a lot of good silly bits to it but I love the cast and just how well they played off each other and the fun of the dialogue.

I’ve also slowly continuing my way through the New Girl box set I got. I’m on the fourth season at this point where Nick met Kai and Jess is canoodling with her Brit and it’s just a lot of fun seeing the progress of the characters. Weekly viewings are one thing but when you see things closer through mini-binge sessions it becomes clearer and often feels more natural as it flows better. I originally watched this because of Deschanel years ago but it’s a great ensemble and Jake Johnson is just fantastic in what he brings to the role of Nick.

I did start up one new show with The Outsider on HBO. I’d heard good buzz about it but nothing about it other than it had wrapped up its season. So trying it out got me hooked quickly with its mood but I fell in love once I realized it had Ben Mendelsohn as the lead and that Jason Bateman not only starred but also directed and was an executive producer that brought the project to life. Add in that it’s based on a Stephen King work I’m unfamiliar with and it’s got the right kind of creeping ominous feeling about it that definitely gets my attention.

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