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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 Episode #06 – Deal Or No Deal Review

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I always enjoy seeing the criminal element in this franchise and it’s definitely interesting to see these guys.
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Raffa’s got a nose for the worst deals.

What They Say:
While piloting her prized ship on a mysterious job, Trace makes a rash decision after learning what they are transporting is for the Pyke Syndicate

The Review:
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Getting back into the groove with an Ahsoka story the last time around was definitely a lot of fun. Like a lot of fans of the series, Ahsoka was a tough character to like when she was first introduced but she really became a key player in events and shaped a lot of views on the series. So watching her hang out on Coruscant for a bit before figuring out what she really needs to do, and pre-Order 66, is a lot of fun as she’s having to discover herself more. Trace is also a good character for her to lean against for a bit since she’s pretty straightforward and honest, especially since her sister Raffa is definitely far more interested in running scams to stay ahead of things. That’s just the way of life in this particular part of the planet so it’s not exactly a surprise.

With Ahsoka working on her bike still and hanging out with Trace, there’s some amusement in how she talks about attending Skywalker Academy where she learned how to work on things. Trace is glad to have her there and encourages her to stick around for a bit and help her with the ship that she’s been working on, the Silver Angel. Raffa’s not exactly enamored with Ahsoka to begin with but she actually needs both her and Trace’s help with a job as the ship and crew she was going to use fell through. Raffa’s definitely feeling threatened by all of this and she’s also protective of Trace, which is natural, and Ahsoka herself can just see how many problems there are with how this team works. But it’s nice to see how proud Trace is of her ship and the kind of group dynamic that slowly comes together as they head off on a mysterious mission that Raffa signed up for.

Interestingly, they end up at the world of Kessel where they have to impress the majordomo for the king in order to get the meeting they need in order to transport medicinal spice. Trace is easily impressed by all of this and Raffa only sees contracts and regular work, but Ahsoka sees the dangers and uncertainties here. And Ahsoka’s doubly worried by the dangers of spice running in general, even if the Silver Angel doesn’t fit the image of a standard transport ship that would get attacked by pirates and the like. Ahsoka’s presence as the voice of reason and caution is welcome here but the bond of the sisters and the blind eye to the dangers that both of them look at this job with make it frustrating for Ahsoka as she comes across like a nagging mother trying to steer them right. And for good reason considering the job at hand.

I do like that some of the time spent on Kessel shows that it’s not droids doing the work here but slaves, and that the Republic obviously lets it happen, as we see more of both Trace and Raffa’s views of the galaxy changing a bit. The mission becomes worse in Ahsoka’s eyes when she finds out that the spice is being sold to the Pyke syndicate of all things. That has her panicking and that sends Trace into a panic as she realizes that Pyke might take her ship – which has her dumping the spice. It’s almost comical watching the arguments that go on here as there’s varying level of naivete going on and plenty of accusations. That leaves Ahsoka to figure out how to solve things which leads to a bad plan that will work in the end, even if it shouldn’t. It’s fun to watch everything unfold and to get a little more time with Ahsoka to see what she got into after leaving the Jedi order.

In Summary:
I’ve long enjoyed Ahsoka story and enjoyed the standalone novel she had as well, so getting a bit more time with the character in this form and stage is definitely welcome. She’s a natural magnet for trouble and doing the right thing which means her time with Trace and Raffa is going to be complicated and problematic. I did like getting a new view of Kessel at this stage of the game to see events unfold there but also just to watch the group dynamic play out across the episode. The overall storyline for this batch of episodes moves us off Coruscant for a bit and into some deeper problems which gives us a look at how Kessel is run, which is interesting, as well as some time with the Pyke syndicate. I always enjoy seeing the criminal element in this franchise and it’s definitely interesting to see these guys.

Grade: B+

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