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My Hero Academia Episode #87 Anime Review

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I fully expected season four to end after the School Festival arc, so I was pleasantly surprised going into this week’s episode.
© Kohei Horikoshi / Shueisha · My Hero Academia Production Committee

Everyone sets their sights on the updated Hero Rankings and new number one hero, Endeavor. 

What They Say:
U.A.’s school festival neatly wraps up and My Hero Academia switches gears, pulling the camera back to the larger picture of a post-Symbol of Peace society. With the absence of All Might, the title of number one hero is handed to the man who sought it with a fiery passion, Endeavor. The reveal of the National Hero Rankings puts some new faces in the spotlight as well, namely the number two hero Hawks. He and Endeavor don’t see eye-to-eye, but the two discuss rumors about Nomu sightings across the country. Those rumors are quickly confirmed as a new threat comes knocking at their front door.

The Review
Content (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
After all the time spent preparing for the festival, Class 1-A catches their breath in the dorms. Eri is discharged from the hospital and finds her new home at U.A., where the teachers can keep an eye on her and help nurture her powers. The students are also visited by some familiar faces, as the Wild, Wild Pussycats make their grand return (Deku’s first fan, Kota, tags along too). The Pussycats are recuperated and back to work, inspired by their placement on the Japanese Hero Billboard Chart. The hero ranking chart has always been present throughout the show, but now it comes into focus, as the number one spot held by All Might is vacated for the first time. All of Japan watches as we’re introduced to the new top ten heroes in the county.

The Hero Billboard Chart is assessed on several criteria – incidents resolved, contribution to society, and citizen approval rating. The top ten has both faces new and old; Dragon Hero Ryukyu and Kamui Woods make their return, and we’re introduced to some fresh fan favorites in Rabbit Hero Mirko and Laundry Hero Wash (Wash! Wash!). Best Jeanist lands 3rd place, his popularity spiking after the Kamino incident with All For One. The number two hero is Hawks, the youngest hero to reach the top ten rankings. And of course, the man who lived in All Might’s shadow finally gets his time in the sun. Endeavor is the new number one hero. The ceremony continues, as the top ten give their lip service to the press. But Hawks isn’t here to make headlines with empty promises and encouragement. No, in these turbulent moments where Hero society is under extreme scrutiny, he tests the resolve of the newly crowned top hero. Hawks taunts Endeavor, claiming he wouldn’t be number one if the rankings were purely based on people’s approval ratings. As he hands the mic to Endeavor, the new number one brushes off Hawks’ provocation. He may not be the fan-favorite, and the route he took to get here was not pretty, but in the end, it’s about results. Endeavor has worked his whole life for this moment, and now he’s here to prove his worth.

© Kohei Horikoshi / Shueisha · My Hero Academia Production Committee

After the press conference, Endeavor confronts Hawks for his little stunt. Hawks may have took it too far, but his incitement was meant to be a test. In fact, Hawks is looking to team up with Endeavor. The two take a stroll through Hawks’ hometown, where we see his Quirk speedily tending to the townspeople. The difference in the Hero popularity rankings is obvious, as crowds gather around to see Hawks, all the while, the number one hero sits on the sidelines. Even Endeavor’s one fanboy in the crowd is off-put by Endeavor’s approach.

The two settle in a café to discuss the rumors Hawks has been digging into. With gossip of Nomu’s being sighted across the country, Hawks has begun an investigation on the mutated baddies. The Nomu’s haven’t appeared since the Kamino incident with AFO, but the changing tide of society’s opinions on heroes and villains has given Hawks reason to be worried. Hawks’ care-free personality is at odds with the hard-boiled Endeavor, but their goals aren’t that much different. But before they can even officially begin their joint-investigation, the League of Villains makes the first move. A new type of Nomu comes barreling toward the café. With his new title of number one hero on the line, Endeavor prepares to take down the strange, new beast.

© Kohei Horikoshi / Shueisha · My Hero Academia Production Committee

In Summary:
I fully expected season four to end after the School Festival arc, so I was pleasantly surprised going into this week’s episode. Studio BONES plans to end the season in a blaze of glory and I’m all here for it. Look forward to one of the best fight’s My Hero Academia has to offer – it’s Endeavor vs. High-End for the season finale!!

Grade: B

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