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Hidden Society #2 Review

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Creative Staff:
Story: Rafael Scavone
Art: Rafael Albuquerque
Colors: Marcelo Costa
Letterer: Bernando Brice 

What They Say:

After assembling the last stand between humanity and a primeval world-killing serpent god, Ulloo the wizard leads the heroes of the Hidden Society to Europe where they must stop a group of nihilist warlocks from waking the serpent beast from the bowels of the earth.

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):

This issue delves into the history of this world and how the world has come to be. The Hidden Society and the mystical beast are introduced and they have a solid backstory but I feel like the villain group, The Siblings of Nihil, were just dumped into this issue. They want to resurrect the beast but it just doesn’t feel like they are properly given a reason for why they want to resurrect the beast. They just want to resurrect the beast and the audience has to accept that fact without any reasoning. 

A team of supernatural beings is assembled to deal with the threat of the mystic beast and the Siblings of Nihil. A team that is assembled at random and being put straight into the action is a situation that leads to many responses. In this case, the situation is used in a good manner, as friction is created in the team but also a chance for the team to unite and to have trust in each other in the future. Every character is revealed to have some strengths, weakness, and a secret which mustn’t be revealed.  Mercy is the character that we get to learn the most about and is the character that is drawn to the viewer’s eye when she is viewed on the occult side. 

In Summary: 

This issue is set up to define the world in which the characters are living in but there leaves more to be desired. This issue feels slow because it sets up the future battle between a newly formed group on the side of justice and an ancient evil and their supporters. I would have liked it if this issue spent a bit more time to focus more on the Siblings of Nihil and their motives. 

Grade: B

Age Rating: 15+
Released By: Dark Horse Comics
Release Date: March 25, 2020
MSRP: $3.99 

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