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Chihayafuru 3 Episode #24 Season Finale Anime Review

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These last episodes have been a time of change and this episode takes that all in stride.

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When winds sends waves

The Review: 
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Arata has started a karuta club at his school and has managed to gather a crowd to join it. Arata learns the challenges of what it means to lead a karuta club. Many people question his desire to start a club and play as a team when he could be focusing on playing by himself and focusing on the Master’s tournament. Its a wonderful sign that so many people have paid attention to Arata and are seeing how he is progressing. 

Arata isn’t the only one progressing. Due to Taichi quitting the karuta club and Chihaya going downhill, other players have to step up. Sumire is the central character who steps as she leads the recruits. I feel that it is was a brilliant decision to have her be the one to step up. She had her heart broken similar to Taichi but is still wanting to play karuta and be a leader.  Progress doesn’t come easily and the way this episode thoroughly demonstrates the painful process by the eyes of Sumire, Rion, and Cheers as they are pushed upon leadership roles.  

Chihaya is still experiencing the consequences of having to reject Taichi’s feelings. Taichi was unable to play karuta due to only being able to see black cards and that symptom has transferred that to Chihaya. She realized that she has failed and spent the entire episode in anguish. Her dream of being a teacher also comes in to question as her teachers wonder if she can handle it. In a moment of despair, a teacher comes in and gives her a hand into the light. 

In Summary:
These last episodes have been a time of change and this episode takes that all in stride. There are various students like Sumire, Rion, Cheers, and Retro who take a leadership role in their karuta club and Arata even starts off his club. Chihaya has always gone full steam ahead without any regard for the consequences and this episode puts all those consequences in the forefront and she has to face her demons. I hope there isn’t a long wait for the next season because this episode leaves off the season on a good note and the new beginnings have started and this show can no go even further. 

Grade: A

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