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Surprise! ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ Manga Getting Sequel

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We had learned previously that the 41st volume of Seven Deadly Sins was going to be the final one and that it was set for a May 15th, 2020 release date. Weekly Shonen Magazine, where the property is serialized, recently confirmed that the March 25th, 2020 installment of the manga will be the final chapter, making for a sudden end though one that was pretty well planned as the “climax” began last May.

Now, Kodansha has revealed that a sequel series is being set for it with The Four Knights of the Apocalypse as the tentative title. It’ll focus on the character of Tristan and will have launch plans revealed later.

The series from Nakaba Suzuki began in 2012 and has spawned multiple anime adaptations that have gotten Netflix distribution.

Plot Concept: When they were accused of trying to overthrow the monarchy, the feared warriors the Seven Deadly Sins were sent into exile. Princess Elizabeth discovers the truth – the Sins were framed by the king’s guard, the Holy Knights – too late to prevent them from assassinating her father and seizing the throne! Now the princess is on the run, seeking the Sins to help her reclaim the kingdom. But the first Sin she meets, Meliodas, is a little innkeeper with a talking pig. He doesn’t even have a real sword! Have the legends of the Sins’ strength been exaggerated…? From the Trade Paperback edition.

[Source: ANN]

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