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Star Wars #4 Review

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My love of Star Wars continues and getting to dig into these areas and setting some new paths forward is welcome.

A simple rescue is only the start of the craziness.

Creative Staff:
Story: Charles Soule
Art: Jesus Saiz
Colors: Arif Prianto
Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles

What They Say:
CATASTROPHE IN THE CLOUDS! LUKE SKYWALKER, LANDO CALRISSIAN and LEIA ORGANA have returned to CLOUD CITY! They each left things on BESPIN they desperately need – a weapon, a friend, and crucial information. But the city is swarming with IMPERIALS, under occupation by an EMPIRE desperate to steal its resources. Things did not go well for the trio the last time they visited this place. This time… might be even worse.

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
The post-Empire run of this series continues to deliver exactly what I’m looking for in the series as we get things that feel fresh and new and explore the sprawling universe at hand. Charles Soule works through the Cloud City arc well here as it wraps up a few important pieces and helps to nudge Lando further into his role within the Rebellion. Jesus Saiz continues to deliver some great looking pages as he captures the look and feel of the known cast while not going for the photorealistic approach that’s hit or miss with readers. I like his take on the technology and settings as well as it feels like it captures it well without going into some kind of overly detailed and designed way.

Lando’s storyline in particular is one that I like since he’s always had that heart of gold but wasn’t something he wanted to give much power to. And he doesn’t here as his rescue of Lobot is because of things owed in the past and the bond that the two share after so many years working together. It takes a little bit of effort but he does get Lobot freed, even if took marshaling a small army of mouse droids to take down the Imperials. Setting the city to rework the tibana gas to that it’s a useless city is a nice touch, even if it does put his staff in a bad place. That’s something that comes back around toward the end as the rescue of several of them, who are likely to become Rebels now, has them believing that he came back for them and not just Lobot. And sometimes a little guilt like that can pressure someone into doing the right thing.

Luke’s story is intriguing as we see him again amid the junk and garbage, something he’s quite aware is a regular thing with him. He’s having no luck finding his lightsaber and it’s really pushing him to that point of just wanting to let go of it. We see that come to the forefront as he manages to reconnect with the Force itself, resulting in him abandoning his search and heading to help Lando and the newly carbonited version of Leia. That’s almost a little comical in how it’s dealt with but it shows a new confidence in his dealing with the Force itself and helps to show some of his growth. But that growth comes with visions of the future and a strange woman who is encouraging him to follow his destiny. It’s easy to make guesses here as to who she is and it’ll be interesting to see how soon that gets dealt with as Luke splits off from the Rebellion for a bit to pursue this goal.

In Summary:
My love of Star Wars continues and getting to dig into these areas and setting some new paths forward is welcome. Going back to Cloud City so soon was definitely the right move for several reasons and they all played out well here. It does have me wondering what path we’ll see Luke’s lightsaber take if it gets mentioned in the comics again. Lando’s growth is solid and we’re seeing more of his leadership style being forced upon him until he really accepts it naturally. Leia’s story works well in wanting to understand more of the carbonite process and this at least gives her a little taste of it in order to understand what Han is going through, which certainly draws her closer to him in a small but important way. Lots of good stuff here and I’m eager to see what’s next.

Grade: B+

Age Rating: 9+
Released By: Marvel Comics via ComiXology
Release Date: March 18th, 2020
MSRP: $4.99

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