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New Manga This Week

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What's making it onto your bookshelf?

The first release week of March is here and the manga and novels side clocks in at almost three dozen releases. This time around there are only three new series getting underway. The folks at Seven Seas are rolling out Cosmo Familia today while Kodansha has Yuzu the Pet Vet and Square Enix launches Suppose A Kid From The Last Dungeon Boonies Moved To A Starter Town. Check them out below and the full slate of what’s landing today!

  1. Bungo Stray Dogs Manga Volume 14
  2. Cells at Work! Code Black Manga Volume 4
  3. Cocoon Entwined Manga Volume 2
  4. Cosmo Familia Manga Volume 1
  5. Devils’ Line Manga Volume 14
  6. For the Kid I Saw in My Dreams Manga Volume 4 (Hardcover)
  7. Hatsu*Haru Manga Volume 11
  8. If I Could Reach You Manga Volume 4
  9. Kiniro Mosaic Manga Volume 10
  10. Konosuba Gods Blessing on this Wonderful World Manga 10
  11. Laid-Back Camp Manga Volume 8
  12. Living-Room Matsunaga-san Manga Volume 2
  13. Machimaho I Messed Up Manga Volume 5
  14. Mushoku Tensei Roxy Gets Serious Manga Volume 3
  15. My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong as I Expected Manga Vol 13
  16. Skeleton Knight In Another World Manga Volume 3
  17. Smokin Parade Manga Volume 7
  18. Still Sick Manga Volume 2
  19. Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies Moved to a Starter Town Manga Volume 1
  20. The Conditions of Paradise Manga
  21. The Seven Deadly Sins Manga Volume 37
  22. Toilet-bound Hanako-kun Manga Volume 2
  23. Triage X Manga Volume 19
  24. Yuzu the Pet Vet Manga Volume 1
  25. A Certain Magical Index Novel Volume 22
  26. Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average In The Next Life?! Novel Volume 8
  27. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Novel Volume 12
  28. The Dirty Way to Destroy the Goddess’s Heroes Novel Volume 3
  29. You Call That Service Novel Volume 2
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