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The Weekly TV Discussion Post For March 22nd, 2020

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So. Much. TV.
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The feeling of being unsettled was prominent for me this week and that made it hard to really get into a lot of shows or try anything new. admittedly, a lot of time was spent in either gaming in order to distract from the real world or working through a number of sitcoms that I had on hand to watch. Broadcast networks are delaying a number of shows and it looks like some are going to shift unfinished season work as the launching point for the fall season because everything is being pushed back with pilots, pickups, and so forth.

At the moment, we’re continuing our weekly look at Star Trek: Picard as well as working through Star Wars: The Clone Wars. We also did reviews of the finale of See as well as the finale for The Mandalorian and the finale on Harley Quinn.

This week I did keep up with the latest Legends of Tomorrow episode and I’m still disappointed at how things are working out with Ray and Nora as it doesn’t feel natural and nobody wanted to go. The team has gotten bigger than it should be but there are better ways to manage it than this and that just leaves me frustrated with the whole thing. There are a lot of good moments in the episode but it really felt like there were a lot better ways to bring their story to a close.

The latest installments of various sitcoms did work well, such as Brooklyn 99 being a Doug Judy episode that’s always a delight. He and Samberg have a good chemistry here once again and seeing the game within the game is always part of the delight. The week also had fun with my usual shows of The Goldbergs and Schooled so I had some fun flashback to the 80s and 90s material that lets the references be enjoyable.

Beyond that, it was just a matter of things like Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and a few shows I’m holding onto when I can watch with others that aren’t in isolation with me for the duration of this lockdown.

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