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My Hero Academia Episode #86 Anime Review

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It’s been a long ride, but the U.A. school festival marks a rewarding sendoff to season four.
© Kohei Horikoshi / Shueisha · My Hero Academia Production Committee

U.A.’s school festival goes off with a BANG

What They Say:

Gentle and La Brava are apprehended and the school festival just barely avoids cancellation. After all that’s happened, from Overhaul to Gentle Criminal, Midoriya’s hard work finally pays off. Class A’s performance reached the hearts of U.A.’s students, but most importantly, it finally gave Eri a reason to smile.

The Review

Content (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):

As Ectoplasm and Hound Dog close-in on Gentle and La Brava, the gentleman thief attempts to shoulder all the blame as he turns himself in. Midoriya returns to the scene to assure the teachers that their little spat is over. Luckily for him, they decide the festival will go on. With Gentle and La Brava taken into custody, Gentle gives Midoriya some parting words. Their emotion-fueled fight reached deeply into both of their souls. It’s unfortunate the road Gentle had to take, but he hopes that Midoriya’s feelings are able to reach those he’s been fighting for. With barely any time to spare, Midoriya makes it back to school just as Class 1-A takes the stage.

With so many students in attendance, some eagerly await the show while others maintain their critical eye. But all those pretenses are dropped when the show kicks off with an explosion of sounds and sights. The already miraculous manga panels transcend in anime form, with catchy tunes, choreographed dancing and quirk-enhanced special effects. With all the drama surrounding U.A. and Class 1-A, some students thought this performance would be a self-gratifying waste of time. But that isn’t the case. These students put in the time and effort to make this an unforgettable moment. At center stage, Jirou fervently belts out her song. She thinks back on the day she decided to become a hero. With her parents being musicians, she thought they would be disappointed in her decision. But it’s clear her passion for music and hero work can go hand-in-hand. At the end of the day, it’s up to her the way she wants to live her life, and her parents wouldn’t have it any other way. She may just now be realizing it, but her voice and musical talent has the power to save people unlike a traditional hero.

© Kohei Horikoshi / Shueisha · My Hero Academia Production Committee

As the crowd gets fired up, we see the oppressive atmosphere of Overhaul washed away from Eri, her smile shining brightly. All of the bad energy that surrounded U.A. was put on hold for this magical moment. Class 1-A undeniably accomplished what they set out to do. The festival goes off without a hitch – Class 1-B’s copyright-ridden play, the beauty pageant, numerous games and stalls littered around campus – everyone is engrossed in the uplifting atmosphere. Eri gets ready to go home as the day comes to a close, but not before one more surprise. Midoriya and Mirio promised her candy apples, and that’s just what she got! Midoriya made sure to grab ingredients to make them, which led to his encounter with Gentle. Conquering one hardship after another, Midoriya is gifted with the one thing he’s wanted this entire season, and that’s to see Eri smiling happily. The U.A. school festival arc ends on an extremely gratifying note.

A short after-credits scene also gives us hopes of a bright future for Gentle and La Brava! It seems La Brava’s hacking skills can be of extreme use to the police and heroes, although her eyes are squarely focused on her darling Gentle. Meanwhile, Gentle continues to try and front all of the blame, but the police aren’t buying it. Rather than punish him, they offer him a way out. Every time he had screwed up in the past, a door would close on him. But now, for the first time since meeting La Brava, he’s been given a second chance.

© Kohei Horikoshi / Shueisha · My Hero Academia Production Committee

In Summary:

My Hero Academia set two very different moods with the Overhaul and Gentle arcs. It’s been a long ride, but the U.A. school festival marks a rewarding sendoff to season four. The final two episodes will set up for the next major story arc as we wrap things up. Get excited for some Endeavor and Hawks screen-time!

Grade: A

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