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A Certain Scientific Railgun T Episode #08 Anime Review

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One of the earliest shows delayed by COVID-19 issues, the gang is back!

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Mental Out

The Review:
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Its been a while since an episode of A Certain Scientific Railgun T has been aired but its back. It’s unfortunate but this show due to the coronavirus. My mind was a bit fuzzy since it last aired about a month ago so I had to go rewatch the last couple of episodes to remember what happened. 

Mikoto meets Misaka and reveals her plan to her and what her motives are for taking Misaka 10032. She was previously foreshadowed as the villain but this episode turns her into the dark hero who hides into the shadows. I liked her more as the villain because it fits how her personality has been developed this season. Her turn from assumed villain to dark hero feels a bit sudden but I hope this show goes further into her reasons. 

Shirai, Uihara, and Saten are rebounding from having their memories erased and are figuring out what is their next step. They all still have some doubts that they are friends with Misaka but they have some sense that they were friends and are trying to help her. I feel it was a bit strange that Saten would have doubts about telling Uihara the truth about how she was brainwashed because they have been friends for so long and would have had more trust in each other. Shirai just blows off Saten’s worries and tells Uihara the truth, demonstrating that she trusts in the bonds she has built with the two girls. The power of friendship is strong in Shirai. 

The last part of this episode ends on a high note. Misaka and Mikoto are running towards the villain’s lair and Misaka runs at her normal speed and leaves Mikoto in the dusk. Misaka feels like she has been set up and instantly turns to a dark mindset. She shows how much the past battles have worn her down and affected her personality. And this all goes away as Mikoto is running at a snail’s pace trying to catch up to Misaka with her low physical abilities. This leads to the two of them arguing about Misaka being a better athlete and Mikoto argued that she had a more developed body. This argument leads to some great comedic moments. It was an excellent manner to break the ice and lead them to have some nice fun. 

In Summary:
I would have like to see this episode dedicate some minutes to remind people of what previously had happened since this series was delayed by some unfortunate situations. This episode puts two former enemies in the pursuit of a common goal leading to humor in a tense episode.  

Grade: B

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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