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Vampirella #9 Review

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I want better for the flagship title as opposed to… whatever this is.

“Let’s see how strange this shit gets…”

Creative Staff:
Story: Christopher Priest
Art: Ergun Gundu
Letterer: Willie Schubert

What They Say:
“Flight Plan” – “Seduction of The Innocent” resumes, taking us back to where the series began–the doomed flight of Affirm Air 1969. A warning comes to Vampirella too late as a cadre of her greatest foes execute their plan to destroy the life that she’s built for herself on Earth. Bonus: Remember our Free Comic Book Day preview, Vampirella #0? Want to know exactly what was going on there? The story comes full circle here, and you won’t want to miss it!

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
At this point I have to just assume that this is all making sense to someone, hopefully the writer, but very little of it is connecting for me at this point. After early issues where Priest gave us a lot of terrible material with the therapist or whatever he is that Vampirella is using to work through the post-crash struggle and it’s been mixed with a host of other things that are visually appealing but are coming across as nonsensical. The first ten pages or so of this issue deals with new characters, or at least I think they’re new as I’m losing track, that’s all setup for a single end-panel shot. And it doesn’t carry any weight because of that either because the book simply hasn’t done a good job of establishing anything.

Nine issues in and we’re now getting it made clearer about how there’s a grand plan in place with this rat that’s trying to get this girl seen? Killed? I have no idea, by a plane that Vampirella and Benny are in all these months ago. It ties into what the nuns are up to as well as they’re causing trouble and killing people. Apparently, some of this ties into the zero issue for Free Comic Book Day last year and I’m even more lost because of that. Vampirella and Benny have a couple of pages together on the plane before it goes down as we see something wicked rising in the cargo section while the remainder is her setting up for the therapy session that has made up the series so far. Which means there’s a full-circle element here but not one that actually works because I feel even more lost and uncertain of what’s going on than ever before.

In Summary:
The art is what’s carrying the book at this point but even there it’s losing out because it’s focusing on a lot of characters that aren’t Vampirella. Which I normally wouldn’t have an issue with but the story is just so inane at this point that this is quickly becoming the least enjoyable Vampirella storyline that I’ve read in the last six years. Not everything can be great and I’m lucky in that she’s appearing in a few other books that are working better. But I want better for the flagship title as opposed to… whatever this is.

Grade: C-

Age Rating: 15+
Released By: Dynamite Entertainment
Release Date: March 18th, 2020
MSRP: $3.99

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