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Funimation Adds ‘Galaxy Angel’ Anime Streaming

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Thanks to the distribution partnerships that exists between Nozomi Entertainment and Funimation, the Funimation streaming service has added to all of the Galaxy Angel anime for streaming according to their notice. The shows are available in the US and Canada as that’s where Nozomi’s license extends and all series are bilingual in nature except for Galaxy Angel Rune, which hasn’t had any kind of streaming before I think.

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The first series was released on February 7th, 2016 with a price of $69.99. The bilingual release will feature the full twenty-six episode show and will include several extras such as the Clean Opening, Clean Closing, TV Spots, Promotional Videos, Now I Get It! GA Lectures With On Screen Text Translated Into English For The First Time Ever, Character Bios, Relationship Chart, and Forte’s Wishes. Check out the finalized cover artwork to the right as well.

Originally airing in the spring of 2001, the series was directed by Morio Asako and Yoshimitsu Ohashi based on the series composition by Toshiki Inoue. Working from the original character designs by Kanan, Mariko Fujita handled the adaptation with animation by Madhouse.

The Japanese cast includes Mayumi Yamaguchi as Forte Stollen, Mika Kanai as Vanilla H, Miyuki Sawashiro as Mint Blancmanche, Ryoko Shintani as Milfeulle Sakuraba, Yukari Tamura as Ranpha Franboise, Akio Suyama as Patrick, Hiroyuki Yoshino as Jonathan, Keiji Fujiwara as Volcott O’Huey, Makoto Yasumura as Gasteau and Mika Kanai as Normad. The English cast includes Alison Matthews as Forte Stollen, Anna Cummer as Vanilla H, Jocelyne Loewen as Milfeulle Sakuraba, Nicole Bouma as Mint Blancmanche, Nicole Leroux as Ranpha Franboise, Alistair Abell as Patrick, Andrew Toth as Gasteau, Michael Kopsa as Col. Volcott O. Huey, Richard Cox as Jonathan and Nomad.

Plot concept: The Angel Brigade, an elite branch of the Transbaal Empire military, are assigned to search for The Lost Technology, mysterious items from the past that hold unknown powers. Led by the soon to retire Colonel Volcott O’ Huey, the Angel Brigade travel to different planets using their specially designed Emblem Frame ships to search for Lost Technology. Unfortunately, they usually mess up somehow and end up getting into all kinds of weird and troublesome situations.

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