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The Weekly TV Discussion Post For March 15th, 2020

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So. Much. TV.

This past week with the Coronavirus shift hasn’t had too much impact on the realm of TV in terms of what was broadcast as outside of one prime-time address to the nation, it’s mostly been business as usual. But as we see with the production side, nearly everything has been shut down – which means delays for season finales coming up and delays for pilots as well, which will push back the fall season – and that has a ripple effect. Late-night TV is taking the biggest hit as well as talk shows in general as they can go only so long without an audience on hand.

At the moment, we’re continuing our weekly look at Star Trek: Picard as well as working through Star Wars: The Clone Wars. We also did reviews of the finale of See as well as the finale for The Mandalorian and the finale on Harley Quinn.

This week had me finishing off the “third volume” of The Chef Show on Netflix and that was a whole lot of fun. There’s always a mix in what episodes work and what don’t, but I really enjoyed seeing Roy’s Best Friend restaurant and the time with the baking side with Candace and getting the guys to do something different there. Sam Raimi helping out was a lot of fun a well, but Wolfgang Puck really made the season great right from the start. I hope there continues to be more of this.

I did pick up a new short show this week with I Am Not Okay with This. Based on the comics by Charles Forsman, it’s seven episodes and most are twenty-minutes or so each as it deals with a small-town teenage slice of life story except one of them has suddenly developed telekinetic powers. It’s more slice of life angst than anything else and that’s what drives it so well. What has me intrigued is a “twist” ending that really does make you want more and that it takes place at the same time as The End of the F***ing World which is also based on the comic series by Forsman. I like weird little interconnected projects like that.

Beyond that, it was a lot of ongoing shows I watched. Legends of Tomorrow delighted in bringing Damien Darhk back and using him so well to deal with Ray and Nora’s storyline. His time with Constantine was particularly delicious. The latest sitcoms keep me smiling with Bob (hearts) Abishola and Young Sheldon. I also really enjoyed the season finale of The Unicorn and hope that show finds an even stronger second season.

I did some catch-up time on Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist as well with the three latest episodes as I got behind. I love goofy musical style shows like this so I had a real blast getting into more of it.

What’s occupying your TV time these days?

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