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The Weekly Movies Discussion Post For March 15th, 2020

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I continue to be frustrated by how few movies I'm getting to see these days. I'm close to calling it a slump at this point. 

Before delving into the recent viewings, some of the recent works we’ve checked out include Call of the Wild and Birds of Prey, the theatrical release of The Rhythm Section, and some catch-up recently on A Quiet Place and Cold Pursuit. This past month also had Darius stepping in to provide a review for The Photograph.

I’ll admit, I’ve had the news on in the background a lot this week while keeping up on events around the world as, like many of you, I have friends all over the place and I want to know what’s going on where they are. That kept me from taking on too many movies but I did sneak a few things in. One was one of my favorite movies of all time with Josie and the Pussycats. While I grew up with the cartoon here and there as my first exposure, this film was so wonderfully subversive and yet obvious all while taking a ton of corporate advertising in order to make it. It skewered the very thing that funded it and it did so with such utter delight and pep that it was beautiful. With a fantastic cast that really captured all the right notes, it’s something that I can’t help but to get drawn into each time it comes on.

I did step back into the 80s a bit this week as well with the early 80s film Iron Eagle. The project got a lot of unfair comparisons to the much more polished and slick Top Gun but it was going for a very different thing. It has not aged well in a whole lot of ways but there are some really enjoyable real flight moments throughout it and an absolutely killer soundtrack from Queen as well that makes it work. It’s pure teenage boy wish fulfillment material but there’s plenty of need to fill that zone with some good stuff. And Louis Gossett Jr. makes everything good.


What have you been watching this week?

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