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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 Episode #04 – Unfinished Business Review

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I’m glad to have gotten underway with this storyline first.
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We’re gonna blow shit up.

What They Say:
The Republic plans a daring final strike against Wat Tambor and Admiral Trench, once again bringing together Rex, Echo, Anakin Skywalker, and the elite Bad Batch squad.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With a pretty exciting rescue sequences playing out in the previous episode, Echo was brought back into the fold though worse for the wear. The working together aspect of the regulars and the Bad Batch was fun as was having Anakin in the mix so that everyone got to show off in different ways while also finding commonalities. It’s a fairly traditional event in that regard but it provided exactly what was necessary in the big picture. With Echo now out of Trench’s control, the battle across Anaxes has a bit more potential for victory since the Separatists don’t know exactly what’s coming. The intriguing part is that Echo is the one coming up with a plan that will change the shape of this particular place in the war. Rex isn’t exactly sure about this since Echo spent so much time in enemy hands, but Echo does present a solid plan.

With the new communications nest now placed in the dreadnaught in orbit, that has the team being put together for a very different infiltration. It’s a lot of fun getting bak into the space side of the series with the variety of ships and doing something as fun as a stealth mission to get into the dreadnaught. The show isn’t exactly subtle about some of the distrust with Echo since they know he was just under the control of the Separatists but there’s enough trust to give this a try since the potential gain is huge if he’s on the right side of things. The tension ramps up nicely because of that uncertainty over Echo and as more troops are lined up for the battle below on Anaxes. That side of it plays out beautifully as we get some really nice action – with Mace and Obi-wan leading the way – and a good sense of scale as well. This series has long figured out how to handle this kind of action well and the years of polish with other works under their belt only reinforce how good it is.

With Echo’s plan having worked and things falling to the Jedi quickly on the surface, the real challenge is going to come for those on the dreadnaught. Trench intends to make it a pyrrhic victory for the Jedi with complete annihilation for the world below and the Separatists facilities. The Trade Federation won’t like that loss! But this sets off its own dual-sided plan as Windu goes to try and defuse the bomb while Anakin looks for Trench above, all while Echo and Tech try to figure out how to stop things from where they are. While this arc has not been a slow one by any stretch of the imagination, as a “third act” to the storyline, it’s constantly moving and working the characters well so that they’re operating smoothly. Anakin with the Bad Batch is fun after showing himself to be pretty cruel toward Trench. Seeing Mace working the bomb is a delight and having Tech as concerned for Echo as he is definitely works well.

And Wrecker has the best moment toward the end.

In Summary:
While there was an obvious familiarity to this arc since it had shown up before in incomplete form, the final and polished version delivers exactly what I had hoped for. I do think it could have been tightened up just a little bit but overall it’s an 80-minute movie in four chunks and it provides for some good action, some solid character material, and some welcome changes for a long-established character. I love the look of the series in this arc since it has such a dark palette thanks to Anaxes but also a lot of really good scenes with the dreadnaught itself or the assembly line segment with all the droids and the Jedi. I’m most excited to see what comes next with the new and fresh episodes but I’m glad to have gotten underway with this storyline first.

Grade: B+

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