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DEAD OR SCHOOL fights its way to Nintendo eShop for the week of Mar. 13

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Here are the games for the Nintendo eShop this week!

Get your school uniform and take down zombies on the eShop this week.

If you’re waiting for Animal Crossing or Doom, there’s a lot of games to keep you interested before they drop this week.

The zombie apocalypse drove the citizens of Tokyo underground stripping them of a normal life.  Hisako hearing about Tokyo before the zombies wants to be a normal girl and attend school.  To do that, she’ll need to fight and kill an onslaught of zombies.  This 2.5D adventure game will have you taking down zombies with Hisako as you traverse Tokyo and upgrading new weapons to defeat harder enemies. Fans of High School of the Dead will want to check out this title.

If you’re more into archeology, you may want to give the LA-MULANA series a shot.  Both LA-MULANA and LA-MULANA 2 are available on the eShop March 17.  Playing as a member of the Kosugi family, explore the hidden ruins of La-Mulana.  This game will have you exploring and solving puzzles to discover the secrets La-Mulana hides.

Here are the games for the Nintendo eShop this week:

A Street Cat’s Tale
Alder’s Blood
Arcade Archives KIKI KAIKAI
Brotherhood United
Deep Diving Adventures – Available March 16
Explosive Jake – Available March 18
Half Past Fate
Hidden in Plain Sight
Hidden Through Time
Jump, Step, Step
Knight Swap – Available March 17
Mystic Vale
Neon City Riders
OVERPASS – Available March 17
Poly Puzzle
R.B.I. Baseball 20 – Available March 17
Rack N Ruin
Rainbows, toilets & unicorns
Super Bit Blaster XL – Available March 16
Super Destronaut: Land Wars
Syder Reloaded
Talisman: Digital Edition
This Strange Realm Of Mine – Available March 16
Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing – Available March 18
Video Poker @ Aces Casino

^Indicated Nintendo Wii U game

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