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BanG Dream! 3rd Season Episodes #08 – 09 Anime Review

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These two episodes were a rollercoaster of emotions.
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“Should We Be Lounging Around Right Now?” and “Next Time: Let’s Go, PoPiPa”

What They Say:
The sky’s the limit for Poppin’Party’s rocking musical ambitions and dreams of stardom. But they must contend with other bands looking for their big break as they rock their way to the top of the charts!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The girls of Afterglow are pondering what to do after school. They don’t have practice so anything is game! Moca mentions the bookstore and Tomoe gets really excited. There’s a new Snappy-chan out! All the drummers really like that series, huh? Moca is about to spoil the story but Tomoe stops her. Ran hasn’t read it yet! She doesn’t particularly mind though. Anyway, luck is about to be on their side. They’re invited to go on a trip to a hot springs resort. Incidentally, Poppin’ Party is also invited. And Roselia. Hello, Happy World as well. RAISE A SUILEN, too. Can’t forget about Pastel✽Palettes either! All the bands are invited! But why? Well, it seems like the old ladies of the shopping district were the ones originally going to the hot springs but they all pulled their backs at the same time. That’s unfortunate but hey, free hot springs trip!

All of the girls meet up to ride on the bus to the hot springs together. All the members of PoPiPa, Afterglow, HaroHapi, and Roselia are present. LOCK, MASKING, and LAYER are the only ones from RAS that show up. PAREO couldn’t make it because she’s three and a half hours away. CHU2 simply didn’t want to go. Their loss! No one from PasuPare showed up at all. Why? Because they’re already at the hot springs filming a program! Anyway, the girls eventually arrive at the hot springs resort. They’re all very excited about the fun times that are going to be had! LAYER bumps into Lisa outside in the gazebo. It seems like both of them are alone because their bandmates went their separate ways. LOCK is hanging out with PoPiPa. MASKING is hitting up the arcade. Ako and Rinko are doing crossword puzzles. Yukina and Sayo went to the wooden bathtubs. LAYER starts talking with Lisa and admits that she’s not used to talking with people her age. In fact, she’s never been on a field trip before! She doesn’t know what to do. Lisa suggests a pillow fight! Always a classic. Also, Lisa is awesome. Arisa stops by and LAYER tells Lisa how she had the most gold stars at their school. She praises Arisa for being the most talented person in their grade. Lisa gives her a thumbs up! Arisa gets super embarrassed and starts blushing like crazy. Her various facial expressions in this scene were hilariously adorable. They were honestly the best parts of these episodes for me. Arisa can’t handle any more embarrassment and runs away, haha. Adorable.

Arisa continues to run and eventually finds herself in the hot springs with Kasumi, Rokka, and Misaki. What are the other girls up to? Moca and Tae are enjoying the fountains. Yukina and Sayo are having a nice chat in the wooden bathtubs. Masuki isn’t having much luck at the arcades. She decides to help a lost Kanon find her way. Back to the wooden bathtubs, Sayo has left but Yukina is still enjoying a nice soak. She’s joined by Ran who tells her that Roselia’s performance at “Over the Future” was great. Yukina thanks her and asks her why Afterglow didn’t join the BanG Dream competition? Ran says they would have loved to but the Jizo Festival came first and they’re giving it their full attention. I respect that. Kaoru is giving a live performance for Himari and Rimi. They’re in heaven! Eve is also part of the performance. Kokoro and Hagumi storm into the room and ask for help finding Michelle. They all agree to help.

MASKING helps Kanon find the other members of PasuPare. Maya is absolutely terrified of MASKING and tries to hide. However, she spots her immediately and gives her an intimidating glare. MASKING proceeds to start fangirling because Maya is her idol! Maya starts crying tears of joy, haha. This was another adorable scene. Tomoe, Saaya, and Ako join the group a few moments later. Oh look, all the drummers have gathered together! Maya suggests a rap session between all the drummers. This sounds like a great idea. They all hang out together and talk about various things. MASKING is still fangirling over Maya which is still adorable. Tomoe admires how Kanon and the rest of HaroHapi perform at kindergartens and hospitals. The other drummers agree that she’s totally cool! Kanon is happy to have been able to join HaroHapi. All she wants is to make people smile with her music and it wouldn’t have been possible without her bandmates. This makes MASKING think about her own bandmates. She thinks they share the same goal but she’s not entirely sure. Maya asks her if she cares about her bandmates? Of course! Then there’s nothing to worry about. Sure, you may come across some rough patches but as long as you rely on each other, everything will be fine.

Kasumi finds LAYER and informs her that LOCK passed out in the hot springs. It’s not a hot springs episode unless someone passes out! Kasumi talks with LAYER for a bit. She tells her that RAISE A SUILEN’s performance was awesome! LAYER thanks her but she thinks that Poppin’ Party is a pretty amazing band, too. Even CHU2 was impressed by their concert! What is a band anyway? LAYER is getting philosophical on us! Kasumi responds that a band is sparkly and tingly. That’s the type of answer I was expecting from her! LAYER is looking forward to seeing her perform again. By the way, Tae was watching their conversation the whole time and makes a comment about them getting too close. She slowly closes the screen door afterward, haha. Ran and Moca have both passed out from the hot springs. Yukina has still been in the hot springs this whole time! She sees a bear and decides that it’s about time she finally got out, haha. Eve scares Arisa and she also passes out! A lot of people have passed out! Well, it’s time for bed anyway. But before that, the other Afterglow girls rush into PoPiPa’s room and excitedly tell them that their MV is blowing up online! It has over 10,000 views now! That’s good news for Poppin’ Party.

After the fun times are over, Rokka stops by the studio to give PAREO and CHU2 some Manju buns. PAREO happily accepts it but CHU2 is busy with staging. Rokka remarks that she’s amazing for doing the lyrics, composing, and staging all by herself. That’s certainly impressive! It’s getting late so Rokka decides it’s time to go home. PAREO reminds her to be ready on the 7th! I have a feeling that’s CHU2’s birthday. Once she’s gone, PAREO knocks on CHU2’s door. Doesn’t she want some delicious Manju buns? CHU2 opens the door and states that she’s not happy that her bandmates spent the weekend with rival bands. PAREO reminds her that she was also invited. Yeah? Well, it’s not like she wanted to go to a stupid bath! She snatches the Manju buns from PAREO and shuts the door. Aww, PAREO gets no Manju buns. Not cool CHU2, not cool at all.

Poppin’ Party is more pumped up than ever before! Their music video keeps getting more and more views. They’re gaining new fans. After their concert at Galaxy, Rokka tells the girls that they got 100 votes tonight. That’s a perfect score! Way to go, PoPiPa! Arisa proclaims that it’s time for them to ride this wave. They’re currently performing live every day for the next three weeks. It’s time to add more shows and perform at bigger venues! The only problem is that all of the venues are already booked at this point. Well, that’s not entirely true. There are two venues that aren’t fully booked at all, CiRCLE and Dub. In case you forgot, those are Roselia and RAISE A SUILEN’s turfs, respectively. No one wants to compete with them. Should they even try? MASKING thinks that they should give it a shot. Yeah, she was laying on the couch there the whole time, haha. No one noticed! She says she’ll make arrangements with Dub and they should expect a call tomorrow.

The next day, they do indeed get a call from Dub. They’ve been accepted at their venue. Arisa voices concern about getting completely squashed by RAS. Kasumi says it doesn’t matter. They should try it! Everyone else agrees. Gotta admire their positivity. Since they’re going through with this, Arisa declares it’s time for her to go beast mode! Are they ready for the Budokan!? Yeah! Are they ready to crush this concert!? Yeah! Are they ready to pass their final exams!? Yeah…what!? Kasumi and Tae aren’t so sure about that. Arisa decides to tutor them. The next day at school, she gives them a mock exam. They both manage to get every single answer wrong! Oh boy, it looks like Arisa has got her work cut out for her. HaroHapi storms into the room and Misaki wants to know if PoPiPa can do a concert at a nursing home. Apparently, some of the old ladies there are big fans of theirs! The only problem is that they’re already performing two concerts on that day. But you know what? They agree to hold a concert in the morning for them. PoPiPa wants to show their gratitude! Such nice girls.

The day arrives when PoPiPa is set to play at CiRCLE, Roselia’s home base. They’ve been playing a lot of shows lately and Yukina wonders if they’re able to handle it. Kasumi says it’s fine but they certainly look tired. Regardless, Roselia won’t be beaten. Lisa randomly asks Yukina if she has been studying for exams? She calmly flips her hair and walks out the door, haha. Okay, I know I said the Arisa faces were my favorite parts of these episodes but the Yukina hair flip is my actual favorite moment. After the concert is over, the results are in. Roselia got 472 votes while PoPiPa only got 28. They got demolished. But you know what? That means they got 28 people to vote for them! They’re going to try even harder next time! Again, you gotta love their positivity. Poppin’ Party plays numerous concerts over the next few days.

It’s time for PoPiPa to have their showdown with RAS at Dub. CHU2 thinks it’s bold of them to challenge RAS in their turf. SHe’s not going to feel bad when they crush them into a pulp! PoPiPa is very excited though! MASKING and LAYER show up and offer them some snacks. They’ve been looking forward to today! CHU2 gets angry and tells them to stop fraternizing with the enemy. CHU2 needs to take a chill pill! PoPiPa performs first and RAS watches them on the screen. MASKING and LOCK decide to watch them up close and leave the backstage area. This angers CHU2 even more. To no one’s surprise, RAS crushes PoPiPa. But that’s okay, some people still voted for them! They’re going to give it all they got for the last spurt. The next night, CHU2 informs PAREO that the staging designs are finished and she should call everyone over right now. She’d love to but the others agreed to help with PoPiPa’s show tonight. You already know that CHU2 isn’t happy about that.

LAYER, MASKING, and LOCK decided to help PoPiPa with this particular show because it’s Tae’s birthday! In a hilarious twist, she forgot it was her birthday today! Never change, Tae. Backstage, the RAS girls give Tae an Oddie birthday cake! D’awww. Youth, am I right? MASKING and LAYER mention that CHU2’s birthday is in a few days. MASKING plans to bake her a huge strawberry cake! LOCK gets a notification on her phone that the rankings have been updated. PoPiPa is in 6th place now! All their hard work is paying off. On the other hand, RAS has fallen to 2nd in the rankings. Roselia has reclaimed the #1 spot. Dang right! I knew they’d get back to the top eventually. You can’t keep Roselia down! Sorry, my bias is showing again. But hey, even the members of RAS recognize that this turn of events isn’t surprising. Roselia is just that good.

Everyone gathers at the studio per CHU2’s request. Should they be concerned? CHU2 tells them they shouldn’t. They’re going to make a comeback by attacking the other venues. If they pick a fight with other bands, they’re bound to withdraw. In fact, RAS will force them to quit. Alright, that sounds a little intense. Also, CHU2 will take complete control of their schedules. They will do what she says, no questions asked. Okay, now she’s getting a bit too extreme. MASKING wonders if she’s joking. She’s not. THIS IS WAR AND SHE’LL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO WIN. MASKING calls CHU2 petty and remarks that this is why they’re going to lose to Roselia. Oh, snap! CHU2 yells that they can absolutely beat Roselia a second time. LAYER has doubts about that. Why is everyone against her!? Hmm, I wonder why? You know what? If they don’t want to get serious, they can just leave! You can’t defy the producer! MASKING has had enough of this and storms off. Uh oh. This isn’t looking good for RAS. CHU2 also runs off. PAREO tries to cheer her up but CHU2 yells at her. To be more specific, CHU2 tells PAREO that being stuck with her is completely useless. WOW! I can’t believe she did PAREO dirty like that.

In Summary:
These two episodes were a rollercoaster of emotions. Episode 8 was a pretty chill episode with all the girls just having fun. Honestly, it was nice to see them having a good time and not worrying about competitions and whatnot. And then there’s episode 9. Poppin’ Party worked their butts off and their hard work definitely paid off. I really admire their never give up attitude. Roselia reclaiming the #1 spot in the competition was expected because they’re freaking Roselia. Of course, they’d be #1 again! I know, my bias is showing again. The tensions within RAS certainly escalated quickly, didn’t they? Honestly, I saw this coming. I think it’s safe to say that no one questions that CHU2 is a great producer. She’s very talented. However, she tends to be very arrogant. She thinks she knows everything. And she also acts childish at times. I think we tend to forget that she’s still a kid. But the big difference between RAS and the other bands is that they don’t have their strong bonds. I’m pretty sure that LAYER has come to the same conclusion. That’s probably a big reason why she admires Roselia and Poppin’ Party. They have strong bonds with each other. Does CHU2 even think of her bandmates as friends? I’m not sure. That’s why the ending of this episode hits especially hard. PAREO definitely thinks of CHU2 as a friend and CHU2 tells her she’s useless!? That’s messed up. Poor PAREO. I’ve become a big fan of RAS and it’s sad seeing them in this state. Hopefully, they’ll find a way to patch things up.

Grade: B+ (both episodes together)

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