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Ablaze Publishing Launches Manga Imprint With ‘Cagaster’

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With the anime on Netflix, Ablaze has a solid pickup with this completed series in Japan.

Formed in 2019, Ablaze Publishing has stepped into the manga realm with their first pickup of Cagaster, which is currently being shown on Netflix with its anime adaptation. The series comes from creator Kachou Hashimoto which has six volumes to its name. Ablaze is set to launch the series in June with monthly installments until all six volumes are out in November 2020.

According to ICv2, Rich Young, co-founder of Ablaze and its VP of Business Development, says that Ablaze’s plans call for “curating a select manga line,” and that more manga titles will be announced in the next few months.

Plot Concept: In the year 2125, a plague arises that turns people into giant man-eating insects. The disease affects one out of every 1,000 people and eventually causes the collapse of civilization. The story picks up 30 years later and follows an adventurer and insect exterminator named Kidou as he battles giant insects, searches for his friend Ilie’s missing mother, and tries to unravel the cause of the plague as well as the mystery of how to stop it.

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