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Kadokawa Schedules ‘Our Seven-Day War’ Anime DVD/BD Releases

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© 2019 Osamu Sota / KADOKAWA / Our 7 Days War Production Committee

The feature anime film adapting the 1985 novel Our Seven-Day War made its December 13th, 2019 debut without a problem and now the home video release side is being set up. Kadokawa is handling the distribution which is now set for a June 5th, 2020 release. The DVD is priced at 3,800 yen while the Blu-ray is priced at 4,800 yen. Sadly, no English subtitles are included and it looks like the set comes with just a booklet and the previews for the film.

The film has Yuta Murano directing based on the screenplay by Ichiro Okouchi. Keishin is working on the character designs with Hiroshi Shimizu adapting them for animation.

The Japanese cast includes:

  • Takumi Kitamura as Mamoru Suzuhara, the protagonist, and a loner who barely talks in school and is always reading a book. He is a history buff who knows a lot about military science, and his one pillar of support is the chat group he has with like-minded military buffs. He has a crush on Aya Chiyono, his neighbor and childhood friend.
  • Kyōko Yoshine as Aya Chiyono, a polite girl with a good upbringing who happens to be Mamoru’s childhood friend. Though beautiful enough to win the school beauty contest, she always remains kind and doesn’t let it get to her head. Her politician father has recently made the decision to move her to Tokyo against her will just one week ahead of her 17th birthday.
  • Megumi Han as Kaori Yamazaki, a member of the track team who hates injustice most of all. She is always worried about Aya, her best friend. Her father runs a construction business.
  • Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Sōma Ogata, an easy-going guy who is the center of Mamoru’s class. He is popular with the girls. He joins Mamoru’s planned birthday camping trip out of interest.
  • Takeo Ōtsuka as Hiroto Honjō, a guy who was only dragged along to the camping trip by her childhood friend Saki, and is unenthusiastic for it.
    Haruka Michii as Saki Akutsu, a girl who lives in the moment and doesn’t think too hard about most things. She wants to celebrate Aya’s birthday and enthusiastically joins the birthday camping trip.
  • Makoto Koichi as Malet, an 11-year-old boy who has already been hiding out in the coal factory before Mamoru and the others get there. He is an illegal alien who has been wandering in search of his family.
  • Takahiro Sakurai as Masahiko Honda, the secretary of Aya’s father. While he carries out his duties nonchalantly, he is actually a sharp-minded man.
  • Rie Miyazawa will be reprising her role from the 1988 live-action film – her major debut role – with Hitomi Nakayama.
  • Mitsuru Miyamoto as Kaori Yamazaki’s father
  • Tomokazu Seki as an immigration administrator
  • Ryusei Nakao as a high-level politician

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot Concept: On a day before summer vacation, 10th grader Mamoru finds out his neighbor Aya, the girl he has had a long-standing crush on, is moving away soon and suggests to her that they run away from home together for a week to celebrate her 17th birthday in town. Joined by their classmates, they shut themselves up at a former coal factory where they end up rescuing Mallet, an illegal resident from Thailand escaping from the immigration officers and looking for his parents. Now that their “seven days war” breaks out, will their teamwork and strategies fight off the officers and parents who come to get them?

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