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Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia Episode #19 Anime Review

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Babylonia returns to press on with its battle, and it’s a grand spectacle to behold.

“It’s just a flesh wound!”

What They Say:
When Tiamat refuses to be defeated even after Quetzalcoatl’s desperate attack, Gorgon makes her appearance. The newcomer unleashes her devastating Noble Phantasm to destroy Tiamat’s wings but is unable to halt her advance toward Uruk.

The Review:
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After another week off, Babylonia is back to continue barreling toward its climax in this epic final battle. Tiamat seemed impossible to defeat, so all of our protagonists have put their heads and powers together to try to eke out a chance, many willing to sacrifice themselves for victory, but it’s not clear if even all that will be enough. Fortunately, it’s not just the expected protagonists, whether allies from the start or coerced into joining later on, that have teamed up against Tiamat. Now we have even those who had been antagonists right up to this battle joining in to lend a hand. Building off of the cliffhanger of the previous episode, this one kicks off with the apparent main antagonist prior to this confrontation, who even assumed the same name initially, appearing on the side of our heroes to face the singing mother head on. Her defeat a few episodes was strangely executed, but it gave us enough to see how this could happen, letting our beloved Ana contribute to the fight once again, this time with the destructive power of her sister/other half. It may not be as cute of a form as we’re used to from her, and she doesn’t get as much screen time or impact as you might hope for, but she got a better second chance than Ushiwaka.

The other major antagonist fighting back against Tiamat should be even more expected, as the dying Kingu has had several scenes depicting a connection with the Enkidu of the past, even recognized by Gilgamesh as the true successor of his old friend. I mentioned last time that Kingu had become one of the most interesting characters in the current cast against all odds simply by being an exception to the general theme of these characters being either purely good or evil, so even if his battle isn’t the flashiest, it’s satisfying to see him get some shots in, especially in the context of finding a purpose to fight for someone he’s come to care about like Gilgamesh.

Gilgamesh himself doesn’t slack off in the battle, not quite choosing the path of charging headfirst to go out in a blaze of glory like some characters, but still using his body to shield Ritsuka in a way that could easily kill a remotely normal combatant. Of course, this isn’t going to take out the great Gilgamesh without a lot more flair involved, but it adds to the scale of the battle and the sense that anyone could die or at least be seriously injured at any time.

This episode may be little more than one part in a chain of “all the characters show up to attack Tiamat,” but that’s essentially what we signed up for here, and the exceedingly convoluted nature of the lore ensures that every component of that is a lot more involved than a simple battle of any size might be. That’s not always a good thing, and this series could certainly be a bit less of a mess, but for what it has established itself as thus far, this rings true for a final battle. Recent events involving Lahmu felt a little less cohesive, so the less they’re around the better, though the lack of personality from the villains in general, especially Tiamat, is always unfortunate.

In Summary:
Babylonia returns to press on with its battle, and it’s a grand spectacle to behold. Spending an entire episode just on fighting, especially when it had already began and hasn’t yet concluded, can be a bit fatiguing, but the varied nature of the character appearances and their powers and machinations keeps this dynamic enough to stay entertaining. It’s just too bad Tiamat is so boring.

Grade: B

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