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Fandom Post Fridays Streams Start This Week

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Fandom post Friday’s start this week.

Friday evenings are going to get a little bit better for your start to your weekend. Fandom Post is proud to announce our initiative into streaming starting this month. Find the post will be dedicating Fridays to streaming some of your favorite games that you may be aware of and others you haven’t heard of.

Each Friday in the month of March a writer will stream from the Fandom Post Twitch playing different games. Some of them will be new games recently released, others will be remasters, and some might be the old-school throwbacks. What stays the same is phantom post commitment towards showing the audience what these games are about. Come through the Twitch when we post up on our social media links such as Twitter and Facebook. Hang out with us, and overall just enjoy yourselves as the weekend starts up. Give us a follow on Twitch, we really would appreciate it.

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