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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 Episode #03 – On the Wings of Keeradaks Review

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It’s again beautifully animated in its dark and grimy way and that just clicks very well for this particular storyline.
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Sometimes a hobby can save the day.

What They Say:
With Echo recovered, Rex, Bad Batch and Anakin Skywalker look to fight their way out of a Separatist base.

The Review:
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As we get closer to the end of this opening arc, having the team find Echoes and deal with the situation plays well. The Bad Batch group are definitely fun to watch as they are pretty professional overall, even with what we’ve seen of them in outsized personalities so far, because when things get serious they know when to focus on things. The opening sequence plays very well as we get the group trapped, the Bad Batch folks sealing up and moving along as best as they can at the moment, and communication ongoing with the others back at the base. It’s not something you can rush in unplugging Echoes from what they’ve put him in and that’s not even taking in the physical toll of everything so far. There’s some solid pressure and tension building since they have to do a rescue and escape and against really bad odds.

The escape isn’t going to be easy but there is an interesting advantage; while Echo was plugged in and having his brain drained, so to speak, he was able to look into everything of theirs as well. So he knows a lot of schematics and has a way out, which is naturally going to be pretty dangerous. It’s not exactly a tightrope crossing but the general concept is there and these guys are amusing to watch as they deal with the heights and then the arrival of Droids on both sides closing in on them, all exposed out in the open. The save for this is definitely a bit on the lucky side and you have to suspend disbelief for it to work but it does the job nicely and has the appropriate level of Star Wars flair for me. It’s the kind of adventure that does help to bond and blend the two groups nicely the further the escape goes on.

The action for the episode is what dominates, especially as it brings in the locals and helps them to understand that while they didn’t want to bring the war to the village, the Techno Union had brought it to this world already and were going to cause problems no matter way. There’s a good blend of action where the natives get to fight well and we get standalone moments for the various clones and droids as well, while also getting team movements with Anakin in the lead. I loved the little moment where Anakin goes for a big move and Echo calls him out for showing off. It’s something that speaks to the full length of their relationship over the war and how they know each other. A small moment of strange humanity between a Jedi and a clone trooper that says a lot.

In Summary:
Essentially the third act of the storyline before we go into finishing moves and the epilogue, this episode is made up of a lot of action. It’s mostly action, in fact, and it plays well because of it. There’s less a sense of the regular clones and the Bad Batch here and just those working to save Echo and get themselves out of the situation alive afterward and that plays well. It’s a fast-moving episode but it doesn’t feel like it’s over quickly because it knows when to pause and catch its breath before going into the next sequence, giving us time to take stock, trade a little humor, or just a knowing look or statement. It’s again beautifully animated in its dark and grimy way and that just clicks very well for this particular storyline.

Grade: B+

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