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BanG Dream! 3rd Season Episodes #06 – 07 Anime Review

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It's been a long wait but I'm glad that BanG Dream! is finally back!
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“This is It” and “Save Them in the Music”

What They Say:
The sky’s the limit for Poppin’Party’s rocking musical ambitions and dreams of stardom. But they must contend with other bands looking for their big break as they rock their way to the top of the charts!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The girls of Roselia are discussing their upcoming showdown with RAISE A SUILEN. Lisa realizes that it’s going to be before their “Over the Future” concert. Sayo remarks that the concert is instrumental in preparing for the FUTURE WORLD FES. She believes they should focus on it instead of the silly showdown. Yukina says it’s fine and comments that CHU2 knows what she’s doing. She certainly is a sneaky one! Sayo still isn’t certain that this is the best course of action. The next day at school, Ako and Rokka are bonding over the fact that they’ve been practicing like crazy for their showdown. Asuka wonders if Rokka is being worked too hard but she denies it. In fact, she’s really excited to perform her first live together with the other RAS members! Asuka wants to watch the showdown and both Rokka and AKo promise to save her a ticket. So wholesome!

Elsewhere, Kasumi and Arisa storm into the Student Council room to see if Sayo and Rinko have seen the video. What video!? The video is basically CHU2 telling everyone about their upcoming battle with Roselia at Dub. She plans to show the world that RAS is the champion of this Girl Band Generation. They won’t lose to Roselia! CHU2 really knows how to hype up a battle. That video served another purpose though as any bands in the tournament could have technically signed up to perform with RAS and Roselia on that day. But since everyone is invested in this RAS versus Roselia showdown, no one else applied to play on that day. The two bands will compete at Dub and whoever has the most votes at the end of the concert will be declared the winner. There’s also another matter that has to be discussed. Who’s going to perform last? Performing last definitely gives you an advantage as you’d be fresh on the audience’s minds. They decide to conduct a popularity survey outside the venue on the day of the battle just before the concert starts. Whoever gets the most votes from that survey will have the honor of performing last. That also means they won’t know when they’re performing until the day of the performance.

Yukina doesn’t seem to be nervous though. Either way, all they have to do is make sure their performance is flawless. That’s why they’ll be practicing two setlists which means double the practice. That sounds rough! Sayo isn’t happy about this. She still thinks they should be focusing on their “Over the Future” concert instead. She doesn’t believe this battle is in Roselia’s best interest. Why is Yukina entertaining CHU2? Because she reminds her of her younger self? That’s not a good enough reason! The tension is rising between these two and they both agree that they won’t be able to get any practice done today. Sayo goes home and practices by herself. Hina interrupts and wants to know what’s up with her? Sayo admits that she doesn’t know what Yukina is thinking. She believes that CHU2 is taking advantage of her kindness and wishes that she had been the one to negotiate. Well, why don’t they just go see her now? Excuse me? Hina takes Sayo with her to see CHU2 at her studio! What a cool sister, huh?

CHU2 and PAREO are surprised when they hear the doorbell ring. They definitely weren’t expecting the Hikawa sisters! PAREO hilariously apologizes for not matching her hair color with Hina, haha. Anyway, Sayo isn’t here for fun and games. She tells CHU2 that their battle is meaningless. CHU2 disagrees. This battle is a way to prove that her band is better than Roselia. That’s another thing that Sayo thinks is silly. Why is she holding a grudge against Roselia? They shouldn’t be fighting. CHU2 should focus on improving her own band instead. Well, you know what? CHU2 still can’t get over Yukina rejecting her! She’s going to prove her wrong. If Sayo has the time to be arguing with her, then she should probably be practicing instead. Well, tensions are certainly rising here, too. Sayo decides it’s probably best for her to leave. The next day, Sayo goes to practice with Roselia and proclaims that they can’t lose to the likes of RAS. She’s fired up now!?

It’s finally the day of the showdown! All the usual suspects are there to watch the concert – Asuka, Poppin’ Party, and Afterglow. Backstage, LAYER, MASKING, and LOCK go to see Roselia but discover that they’re all passed out! Oh my! It seems they’ve been practicing too much! After waking up, Rinko apologizes for the embarrassing scene. RAS can only admire how much Roselia has practiced. Lisa offers their guests some cookies which attracts a wild PAREO! CHU2 storms in and says that this isn’t the time to be eating! They’ve got a battle to win. THIS IS IT! It’s time for the battle to begin and Roselia is going first!? They lost the popularity vote!? It was rigged! I demand a recount! Sorry, I’m letting my Roselia bias show. Anyway, Roselia performs their song “LOUDER” and we don’t even get to see their entire performance! That’s not fair! By the way, LAYER was intently watching Roselia’s performance. On the other hand, RAISE A SUILEN performs their song “EXPOSE ‘Burn out!!!'” and their entire performance is shown. It was an amazing performance, no doubt. I’m still salty that they skipped over Roselia’s. Now the big question – who won!? RAS did. They didn’t win by much but they still won. My Roselia heart, it is broken. CHU2 and the rest of RAS are obviously excited. The girls of Roselia seem a bit disappointed, especially Sayo. I know how they feel.

Actually, it seems like Sayo was really disappointed. She spends the next day practicing alone in her room. That loss is weighing heavily on her mind. Back at CHU2’s studio, RAS is celebrating their victory by having a party with lots of delicious food. CHU2 asks MASKING to bust out the strawberry cake but she can’t. She burned it. That’s a shame. Everyone seems to be having fun at least! Well, except for LAYER. What’s on her mind? The next day in the Student Council room, Arisa is bummed that Poppin’ Party is so far behind Roselia and RAS. But she loved their performances! Rinko reveals to her that they had an evaluation meeting after the battle. Sayo adds that they discussed how to improve their performances. Particularly, they want to make sure they give a great performance at the “Over the Future” concert. It’s a crucial performance to see if they’re ready for the FUTURE WORLD FES. Roselia is going to do everything they can! That’s the spirit.

Ako, Rokka, and Asuka are hanging out and reading Miracle Drummer SNAPPY-CHAN together. It looks like an adorable series. Rokka remarks that MASKING was the one that let her borrow the series. Ako and Asuka are SHOCKED by this revelation. Speaking of MASKING, she enters the room. Ako greets her with a pose and a cool line. MASKING comments that she’s just so darn cute! I agree. Who doesn’t love cute things? Heck, she thinks everyone in Roselia is cute! She’s not wrong. Ako admits that losing to RAS was frustrating but Roselia is going to bounce back and come back cooler than ever! Gotta love that spunk. Everyone enjoys reading some adorably badass SNAPPY-CHAN to pass the time.

At the music shop, Lisa and LAYER bump into each other. Lisa praises LAYER’s performance. Her vocals and bass packed a real punch! LAYER starts talking about how she started playing bass because she wanted to play with Tae. What a coincidence! Lisa started playing bass for the same reason, to play with her childhood friend Yukina. LAYER thanks Lisa and the rest of Roselia for opening her eyes at the battle. They pushed her and the rest of RAS to go above and beyond. LAYER remembers the first time she met CHU2. It was after a gig and she wanted her to join her band. LAYER refused but CHU2 begged her to listen to her music. She needed her! She wanted to put her in the spotlight. After she listened to CHU2’s music, LAYER knew she was the real deal. She decided to join her and the rest, as they say, is history. CHU2 helped her realize her true potential and she’ll always be grateful for that.

Roselia, minus Sayo, is relaxing after a hard day of practice. She’s been practicing more than ever before. The girls of Afterglow join them and Himari comments that Ran voted for Roselia at the battle. Ran proceeds to make the cutest embarrassed face. Aww, she’s blushing! There’s no need to be ashamed about being a Roselia fan! Moca even has photo evidence, haha. Adorable. The girls of Roselia are touched to see the loving messages their fans wrote. Ran makes sure to tell Yukina that this isn’t the end! Elsewhere, Poppin’ Party realizes they need to up their game if they want to make it to the Budokan. Good luck, girls! Back to Roselia, they practice some more. Unfortunately, Sayo passes out! She’s been pushing herself too hard! Now she’s sick. The next day, the girls go visit her at home. Everyone goes to the kitchen to help make her some food except Yukina. She stays behind and the two have a nice talk. Sayo admits that she was filled with regret after their last performance and overexerted herself. She allowed herself to get sick during this crucial time and she’s sorry for that. She also felt bad after seeing the messages their fans left for them. It made her realize just how much they were looking forward to seeing Roselia play and she let them down. Is someone cutting onions? I feel like someone is cutting onions. Stop it!

Yukina remarks that seeing those messages made her happy. If Afterglow hadn’t shown them, they would have never known. And they gained something else from that performance which is an audience they’ve yet to reach. RAISE A SUILEN does things differently than Roselia but it was a good learning experience. It’s not just RAS either. Afterglow and all the other bands they’ve come across, they’re all different. In Yukina’s eyes, that concert was way for Roselia to grow through an experience they wouldn’t have had on their own. Yukina has grown so much since the start of the series! Sayo finally understands what Yukina wanted to accomplish. And just in time, too! The other girls come back with food. Ah, but Sayo falls asleep! That’s okay, she deserves the rest.

Later that night, Sayo practices on her own. Don’t overexert yourself again! I hope she’ll be okay in time for the concert. Luckily, she is! All the members of Roselia are feeling good. It’s time for their “Over the Future” concert! The crowd is pumped! I’m pumped! Let’s go! Yukina addresses the crowd and thanks them for all their love and support. The crowd goes wild! Some people are even crying! I may be crying! There’s just so much emotion right now! They begin playing their song “FIRE BIRD” and…the credits start to roll. COME ON! Two episodes involving Roselia and I can’t even get a full performance!?

In Summary:
It’s been a long wait but I’m glad that BanG Dream! is finally back! Seriously, the wait was killing me. RAISE A SUILEN may have won the battle, but Roselia will win the war. You’ll see! I know, my Roselia bias is showing again. I don’t care. This was a great couple of episodes. I loved all the Yukina and Sayo moments. Sure, they may disagree at times but they both respect each other. They both have respect for their music. They just want everything to go as perfectly as possible. I respect that. You gotta love that passion! Yukina comforting Sayo was such a heartwarming scene, too. As I mentioned earlier, Yukina has really grown since the start of the series and it’s been a pleasure seeing that growth. In the end, I think it’s pretty obvious that Roselia came out as winners. I hope next time we actually get to see a full Roselia performance!

Grade: B+ (both episodes together)

Streamed By: HIDIVE, VRV

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