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New Manga This Week

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What's making it onto your bookshelf?

The first release week of March is here and the manga and novels side clocks in at two dozen releases. The big one for me is the collector’s edition of the first Crest of the Stars novel in hardcover form. This week sees the debut of After-School Bitchcraft as well as Love Me, Love Me Not. Don’t forget to check out the debuts of Pleasure and Corruption and Samurai 8 as well.

  1. After-School Bitchcraft Manga Volume 1
  2. Aria The Masterpiece Manga Volume 5 + GWP
  3. Bakemonogatari Manga Volume 3
  4. Black Clover Manga Volume 20
  5. D.Gray-man Manga Volume 26
  6. Daytime Shooting Star Manga Volume 5
  7. Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Manga Volume 11
  8. Dr. STONE Manga Volume 10
  9. Dragon Ball Super Manga Volume 8
  10. Haikyu!! Manga Volume 37
  11. Kaguya-Sama Love Is War Manga Volume 13
  12. Kilala Princess Mulan and the Bandit Melee Manga
  13. Love Me, Love Me Not Manga Volume 1
  14. Marginal Operation Manga Volume 2
  15. One-Punch Man Manga Volume 19
  16. Pleasure and Corruption Manga Volume 1
  17. Samurai 8 Manga Volume 1
  18. Snow White with the Red Hair Manga Volume 6
  19. The Demon Prince of Momochi House Manga Volume 15
  20. The Promised Neverland Manga Volume 14
  21. Vampire Knight Memories Manga Volume 4
  22. An Archdemon’s Dilemma How to Love Your Elf Bride Novel Volume 4
  23. Crest of the Stars Collector’s Edition Novel Volume 1 (Hardcover)
  24. My Hero Academia School Briefs Novel Volume 4
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